Love of the Glove

Quakes' manager Drew Saylor is obsessed with gloves.

By Sammy O'Brien / Rancho Cucamonga Quakes | April 23, 2017 10:29 PM ET

Right-handed pitcher, Walker Buehler, walked into the Quakes dugout on media day with a little agitation. No games had yet been played, no 99-mph fastballs smoked by hitters and certainly no eight-consecutive batters fanned, that is, yet anyways.
But something was already wrong.
"You guys see this," says Buehler as he walks by a group including manager Drew Saylor. "The laces on my glove are different shades of blue. You would think Nike would get it right."
Now, of course Buehler did not know what Saylor did. How could he know the glove resembles the human skin in that, the dyes going into the glove hyde that make it a certain color, they get absorbed into the skin of that hyde at different rates. And in a dry, almost-desert climate such as Southern California - certain colors lighten and fade differently based on the hyde cut due to evaporation.
"Walker was complaining that there's a little bit of blue here and a lighter blue here and darker blue here," Saylor said. "I felt I needed to get him to recognize it's not the glove manufacturers fault, it's the fact the way the hyde was cut and where the dyes were done on that glove."
Saylor went on to say he decided to educate Buehler on the situation instead of just voicing his distate or distain for the issue, but his secret was out.
Call it an obsession, an infatuation - a love. Saylor is obsessed with gloves.
"I had probably almost 25 at one time," Saylor confessed.
After marrying his high-school sweetheart, Saylor was told to ween off the obsession and depart with some of the gloves. To help suppress the oozing passion, Saylor started to sell them off during home-lessons and now finds himself down to 7 gloves.
Saylor first fell in love with gloves in high school with the 11 3/4 Rawlings A-Rod. The mit was black with a tan web and tan laces, this of course before neon volt and blues were available.
"It was a glove I broke in with my hand for the first time and no one else helped me with it," Saylor said.
The Quakes skipper says he does not have a "glove care 101 session in Rancho" but does try and install the knowledge he picked up along the way to others.
Saylor says the love of the glove is in the eye of the beholder. RHP Gavon Pittore used the same glove from sophomore year of high school, and CF DJ Peters has two new ones a year thanks to his contract with Rawlings.
But Saylor would be remissed to forget to mention one glove in particular.
"I know Walker will probably be upset if I don't mention him on this, so I like Walker's glove too," Saylor added.

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