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Meet our Mascots

Meet Toasty!

Meet Sox the Fox!

Toasty was born a healthy s'more on Monday, November 19th 2018 in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO. Toasty was born big for a s'more, at 71 inches, 284 pounds and 9 ounces. 

A proud Colorado Springs Native, Toasty enjoys spending his free time watching baseball, hiking Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods with his best friend Sox the Fox, and just going with the vibe. 

Toasty's hobbies include skiing, boarding, rafting, and camping. When not at the ballpark, Toasty can be found helping out in the community and spreading good vibes up and down the Rocky Mountain front range. 

2019 marks Toasty's first official season in professional ball, helping to welcome the Milwaukee Brewers Rookie-advanced affiliate into their inaugural season, and Toasty could not be more excited to welcome the young team to wonderful Colorado Springs. 

Sox the Fox was introduced as the team's mascot in 2000 and has been rocking in the Colorado Springs community ever since. He's a social butterfly and loves to interact with fans inside and outside of the ballpark. 

He's a proud Colorado Springs native and enjoys spending his time watching the Rocky Mountain Vibes play baseball. He's also a big fan of the outdoors and likes to hang out with his best friend Toasty. 

His hobbies include dancing, hiking and hanging out in the community.