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Reserve a spot for your team in the Round Rock Express Kicks and Tricks kickball tournament on Wednesday, October 28 at Dell Diamond! This tournament is for team members age 21 and up.

The tournament will feature six teams in a double round robin format on two fields in the outfield at Dell Diamond, with each team guaranteed two games. All teams will enter the ballpark through the Right Field Gate and check-in prior to being escorted to the field. Regulation kickballs and umpires will be provided for all games and the ball will be sanitized between games.

Spectators will be permitted inside Dell Diamond for the tournament and can watch from the outfield lawn area. Only team members will be permitted on the field. Please note, chairs are not permitted on the outfield lawn but spectators are more than welcome to bring blankets or towels. Guests will be required to wear masks at Dell Diamond while entering, exiting and moving around the ballpark. Guests may remove masks when sitting on the lawn, participating in the kickball game or while eating/drinking. More details can be found at

The Bullpen Bar by Dripping Springs Vodka and Home Run Dugout will be open all evening long, offering food and drink specials and broadcasting a full slate of games on a variety of big screens. For just $5, fans can take unlimited swings in the state-of-the-art Home Run Dugout hitting facility, based on availability. Please note, no outside food or beverages will be permitted inside Dell Diamond. Water will be provided on the field for team members.


6:00 p.m.: Team 1 vs. Team 2 (Field 1) and Team 4 vs. Team 5 (Field 2)

7:00 p.m.: Team 1 vs. Team 3 (Field 1) and Team 4 vs. Team 6 (Field 2)

8:00 p.m.: Team 2 vs. Team 3 (Field 1) and Team 5 vs. Team 6 (Field 2)

9:00 p.m.: Championship Game - Team with the best record from field 1 vs. Team with the best record from field 2

  • In the event of a tie, total runs scored will be used to determine the team playing in the championship game


  • Teams must have a minimum of nine members and all must be 21 or older
  • Extra players may rotate in
  • Games will be capped at 50 minutes or six innings
  • A game will be ruled a tie after six complete innings are played
  • A game will end if a team is up by 10 or more runs after three complete innings, or two and a half if the home team is up by 10 or more runs
  • Play is dead once the ball is returned to the pitcher
  • A runner is out if: they are hit below the shoulders while running, if they pass the runner in front of them, if they kick out of order, if they tag before the ball is caught, if they make contact with the ball while not on base

Should you have any questions, please contact Connor Truitt at [email protected].