Franklin Labour Makes Winning Look Effortless.

KEIZER, OREGON - Franklin Labour is making baseball look effortless his first 20 games with the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes: The right-fielder has 10 home runs and is batting over .300.

(James Snook)

By Justin Lacche | July 6, 2019 6:34 AM

This is one of many great Volcanoes storylines to start the 2019 season: Attendance is significantly higher and the team is in the thick of the first half pennant race.

"Our mantra this season is 'rediscover the magic all over again' and we see that spirit in Franklin Labour and the entire team," said Jerry Walker, Volcanoes Co-Owner. "Come to Volcanoes Stadium and become part of this next historic chapter of the franchise."

The electric environment is felt throughout the stadium, said Mitche Graf, Volcanoes President. 

"Every Minor League season is so much fun - this Volcanoes season is clearly special and Franklin Labour is a shining example."

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