Volcanoes radio fantasy baseball game of the week: '46 Portland Rosebuds @ '98 Salem-Keizer Volcanoes

By Justin Lacche (announcer) / Salem-Keizer Volcanoes | October 1, 2018 11:49 PM

"Volcanoes radio fantasy baseball game of the week" | the 1946 Portland Rosebuds (Al Jones, pitching) at the 1998 Salem-Keizer Volcanoes (Ryan Vogelsong, pitching). Running time: 26 minutes.


Volcanoes Nation -- this game is more than history. For many decades before Mr. Jackie Robinsonhealed the game -- many top players didn't get to play affiliated professional baseball. The 1946 Portland Rosebuds were such a team -- they have great talent, skill and smarts and tonight was a great game at Volcanoes Stadium!


Justin Lacche is the President (Emeritus) of Volcanoes Business Development.

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