411 From Exit 407 with Hermie Sadler

By Craig Jenkins / Tennessee Smokies | February 17, 2014 11:37 AM ET

This week, the staff from "The 411 from Exit 407" sits down with NASCAR legend and Fox Sports analyst Hermie Sadler to discuss his thoughts on the upcoming racing season. Hermie goes 9 Innings and shares his insight on the sport Americans have come to crave.

411 - Your thoughts on the new Chase format.

Hermie Sadler - I am a little old school…so Im not a huge fan of the chase changes and the possibility that a driver can dominate all year and lose it all in one race, but at the same time I understand why NASCAR did it.

411 - Your biggest career achievement.

Hermie Sadler - Probably Nationwide Series Rookie of the Year in 1993, but coolest was when Elliott and I both started the Daytona 500 together in 2006

411 - Describe Food City family Nights in Knoxville and Bristol.

Hermie Sadler - I only do the one in Bristol, but always a great turn out with lots of energy and excitement….just like the racing at Bristol

411 - What's the most bizarre pit road incident you've ever seen?

Hermie Sadler - The Paul Menard tire blow up at Texas last fall. Never seen that before

411 - What's your favorite baseball stadium and race track?

Hermie Sadler - Favorite Baseball Stadium is Camden Yards in Baltimore…..Favorite Track is RIR and Martinsville.

411 - Your pick to win the Daytona 500.

Hermie Sadler - Tony Stewart…… Just feels like it's gonna happen

411 - Who did you admire as a child in the sports or racing world?

Hermie Sadler - My uncle Bud Elliott….my mom's brother…..Always worked hard to be able to race, was always underfunded….but always raced hard and did it the right way….

411 - What are your impressions of Bristol Motor Speedway?

Hermie Sadler - Love Bristol…..You can't really explain it to people that have never been…..words nor TV do it justice…..I always tell people….if you can only go to one race, go to Bristol

411 - Who is your favorite professional wrestler?

Hermie Sadler - You know I can't have just one!!! Too many friends…..but always loved the Stone Cold Steve Austin's character, Shawn Michaels is probably the best performer I have ever seen, and Matt and Jeff Hardy. They have both overcome a lot to make it in the business.

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