The 411 From Exit 407 With Tim Volk

By Tennessee Smokies | January 30, 2014 5:06 PM ET

The "411" staff recently sat down with the Smokies new Director of Ticket & Group Sales Tim Volk. With so many great offseason changes being made here at Smokies Stadium, we wanted to get the lowdown on Tim and what fans should expect as far as ticket packages and group outings this upcoming season. If you would the "411" staff to interview someone specifically in the organization, please visit our Facebook page and let us know! 

411 - As the Director of Ticket and Group Sales, what is your favorite part of the job?

Tim - Working with an awesome front office and sales staff. Having the opportunity to create and develop ticket and group packages that cater to the wants and needs of our fan base.

411 -  There's a lot of speculation as to which phenomenal Cubs prospects may be promoted to the Smokies next season. Which one are you most excited to see play?

Tim - Kris Bryant. He had a great college career and was the Cubs first round pick. Very excited to see him this year.

411 - Give us one crazy fact about yourself that wouldn't show up in your bio on

Tim - I am actually allergic to poultry! Thanksgiving is a tough time for me

411 - Will the Seahawks or the Broncos win the Super Bowl, and take home the Vince Lombardi Trophy this Sunday?

Tim - Broncos, I have to go with Peyton Manning.

411 - There's been a lot of change in the ticket sales department this offseason, tell us a little bit about what you guys have going on right now.

Tim - We have so much going on this off-season, everything from new picnic options to renovating some of our suite level. In the near futire we'll be releasing an incredible Valentines Day package along with an opportunity to take advantage of some free food on our newly renovated suite level early in the season.

411 - What is your favorite decoration that you have on display in your office?

Tim - I would have to say my diploma from The University of Tennessee. Go Vols!

411 - If you were asked to suit up one night for the Smokies, what position would you play?

Tim - I would be a pitcher. Although, it certainly wouldn't give us the best opportunity to win. It would be pretty fun to pitch against some of the top prospects in baseball though.

411 - With the Olympics coming up very soon, which event can you guarantee you'll be tuning in for?

Tim - The bobsleigh for sure! Pulling for USA all the way, but also have to root for Jamaica after watching "Cool Runnings" as a kid!

411 - Any hints about what the ticket sales department has in store for Valentine's Day?

Tim - We're putting together a great package that's sure to score some points with the significant other that is affordable for our fans. More to come soon!

For more information on group outings, season tickets, or any of our great mini-plans, please contact Tim Volk by email at or by calling the group sales hotline at (865)-286-2300. 

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