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South Atlantic League History

Playoff Champions

South Atlantic League pennant winners and playoff champions


Pennant Winner
Playoff Champion
Position Finished
1960 Lexington Salisbury Second


First Half
Second Half
Playoff Champion
1961 Statesville Salisbury Shelby (4th)
1962 Statesville Statesville No Playoff
1963 Greenville Salisbury Greenville
1964 Rock Hill Salisbury Salisbury
1965 Salisbury Rock Hill Rock Hill
1966 Spartanburg Spartanburg No Playoff
1967 Spartanburg Spartanburg No Playoff
1968 Spartanburg Greenwood Greenwood
1969 Greenwood Shelby Greenwood
1970 Greenville Greenville No Playoff
1971 Greenwood Greenwood No Playoff
1972 Spartanburg Greenville Spartanburg
1973 Gastonia Spartanburg Spartanburg
1974 Gastonia Gastonia No Playoff
1975 Spartanburg Spartanburg No Playoff
1976 Asheville Greenwood Greenwood
1977 Greenwood Gastonia Gastonia
1978 Greenwood Greenwood No Playoff
1979 Greenwood Spartanburg Greenwood


Northern Division
Southern Division
Playoff Champion
1980 Greensboro Charleston-SC Greensboro
1981 Greensboro Greenwood Greensboro
1982 Greensboro Florence Greensboro
1983 Gastonia Columbia Gastonia
1984 Asheville Charleston-SC Asheville
1985 Greensboro Florence Florence
1986 Asheville Columbia Columbia
1987 Asheville Myrtle Beach Myrtle Beach
1988 Spartanburg Charleston-SC Spartanburg
1989 Gastonia Augusta Augusta
1990 Charleston-WV Savannah Charleston-WV
1991 Charleston-WV Columbia Columbia
1992 Charleston-WV Myrtle Beach Myrtle Beach
1993 Greensboro Savannah Savannah
1994 Hagerstown Savannah Savannah
1995 Piedmont Augusta Augusta


Playoff Champion
1996 Delmarva Asheville Colubmus Savannah (7th seed)
1997 Charleston-WV Greensboro Macon Delmarva (5th seed)
1998 Hagerstown Columbia Macon Columbia (1st seed)
1999 Hagerstown Columbia Macon Augusta (8th seed)


North (1st)
South (1st)
North (2nd)
South (2nd)
2000 Piedmont Columbus Piedmont Augusta Delmarva (3rd)
2001 Lexington Augusta Hagerstown Asheville Lexington (1st)
2002 Hickory Capital City Delmarva Columbus Hickory (1st)
2003 Lake County Hickory Lake County Rome Rome (3rd)
2004 Charleston-WV Capital City Hickory Capital City Hickory (2nd)
2005 Hagerstown Charleston Delmarva Kannapolis Kannapolis (4th)
2006 Lexington Rome Lakewood Augusta Lakewood (2nd)
2007 West Virginia Augusta Hickory Columbus Columbus
2008 Lake County Asheville West Virginia Augusta Augusta
2009 Lakewood Greenville Kannapolis Asheville Lakewood
2010 Lakewood Savannah Lakewood Greenville Lakewood
2011 Hickory Savannah Greensboro Augusta Greensboro
2012 Greensboro Asheville Hagerstown Rome Asheville
2013 Hagerstown Savannah West Virginia Augusta Savannah
2014 Greensboro Savannah Hagerstown Asheville Asheville
2015 Hickory Savannah West Virginia Savannah Hickory
2016 Hagerstown Charleston Lakewood Rome Rome
2017 Kannapolis Greenville Greensboro Charleston Greenville
2018 Lakewood Rome Lakewood Lexington Lexington
2019 Delmarva Lexington Hickory Augusta Lexington
South Atlantic League History