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Since 1999, we've been proud to call Staten Island our home. To recognize our history we present you our 20th Anniversary logo! This logo takes elements from the NYPD and FDNY shields to show how the community is everlasting, tough, and collective, and to show how the people of Staten Island protect each other from outside dangers and are always there to pick one another up when they are knocked down. 

As a part of our 20th Anniversary, we're asking you to vote for your favorite former Staten Island Yankees to be featured in one of our giveaways this season! Every week a new position will be highlighted for fans to vote for. Voting will begin on Thursday, January 24th, with each position winner being announced once the voting for every position has concluded.


January 24th - January 30th: 1st Basemen
January 31st - February 6th: 2nd Basemen
February 7th - February 13th: 3rd Basemen
February 14th - February 20th: Shortstop
February 21st - February 27th: Catcher
February 28th - March 6th: Center Fielder
March 7th - March 13th: Left Fielder
March 14th - March 20th: Right Fielder
March 21st - March 27th: Starting Pitcher
March 28th - April 3rd: Relief Pitcher
April 4th - April 10th: Manager


Staten Island Yankees Stats: .243 AVG; 0 HR; 6 RBIs
MLB Career Stats: .273 AVG: 0 HR; 0 RBIs

Staten Island Yankees Stats: 2010: .186 AVG; 0 HR; 0 RBIs
2011: .250 AVG; 2 HR; 33 RBIs

Staten Island Yankees Stats: .313 AVG; 3 HR; 46 RBIs
MLB Career Stats: .276 AVG; 56 HR; 289 RBIs

Staten Island Yankees Stats: .335 AVG; 5 HR; 40 RBIs

Staten Island Yankees Stats: .077 AVG; 0 HR; 1 RBIs
MLB Career Stats: .161 AVG; 1 HR; 7 RBIs