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All Staten Island Yankees Season Ticket and Plan Holders can manage their account online. You have the ability to transfer, exchange, and print your tickets online. Click the link below to visit TicketReturn's webpage to sign into your account and manage your tickets.

Help Me Find My Account


First Time Logging Into Your Account?

Follow these easy steps:

STEP 1 Click on the Help Me Find My Account link above.

STEP 2 This will prompt you to enter your Name, City, State or Email address if an Individual Account, enter Corporate Name, State or Email for Corporate account. Email address is likely the easiest way to find your correct account.

STEP 3 This screen returns all accounts matching your search criteria. Click the button to the left of the account you wish to access. New accounts will say 'no user id set up.'

STEP 4 Next, you will be asked to enter the barcode from one of your tickets.

STEP 5 Your account information will be displayed (this is the default page every time you access your online account). You must create a new User ID and password, select a security question and enter your answer.

STEP 6 The next time you log in just click Sign In and then enter the User ID you created in step 5.

STEP 7 When finished, Sign out of your account.

For assistance with any of these services, please contact TJ Jahn, Operations Manager.