The Storm Request the Presence of Mr. Jimmy Kimmel

While it be preferred the Storm have Matt Damon out for Late Nite Night, Kimmel would suffice

By Matt Rodriguez / Lake Elsinore Storm | May 2, 2017 2:30 PM ET

LAKE ELSINORE, Calif. - With the Storm holding Late Nite Night on June 15 in honor of the great late night television talk shows, such as The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, or Late Night with Seth Meyers, or The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the Storm is looking for an on-field host to celebrate the themed occasion.

 While the immediate thought was to reach out to Matt Damon, the A-list actor who is better looking and overall more personable than Jimmy Kimmel, we felt a more realistic reach would be to go for someone who could use the publicity to feel better about themselves, like Mr. Kimmel.

"I'm a huge Matt Damon fan. I've seen all his movies," said Storm General Manager Raj Narayanan. "The staff was really fired up when they heard the Storm would be reaching out to Matt Damon. When they were told the plan shifted to focus on Jimmy Kimmel, it's like all the positive energy was sucked out of the office."

The GM understands Matt Damon is more Major League-caliber, but that Jimmy Kimmel wouldn't be a stretch for a Minor League team. The fans and the front office staff welcome the idea of having Guillermo join Jimmy Kimmel for the night's festivities free of cost and would give Mr. Kimmel a generous 10-percent discount on his ticket.

"Guillermo would be a hit," said Storm General Manager Raj Narayanan. "The fans would love to see him out here at The Diamond. In fact, we have his original troll costume sold in Jimmy Kimmel's garage sale a few years ago."

The Late Nite Night festivities will take place on June 15 when the Storm take on the Stockton Ports in the final home stand before the All-Star break. First pitch is scheduled for 7pm. The Diamond at Lake Elsinore is located approximately 80 miles from Mr. Kimmel's studio.

Tickets for the game are available in advance via, by calling 951-245-HITS or visiting the stadium box office during normal business hours.

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