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Concessions Fundraising

The Sugar Land Skeeters and Legends Hospitality have a unique and exciting opportunity for your non-profit organization to raise funds by operating a concession stand at Constellation Field, home of the Sugar Land Skeeters.


The Sugar Land Skeeters and Legends Hospitality offer non-profit organizations the means to raise funds by providing an opportunity to operate a concession stand for all home games at Constellation Field for the 2021 season.


Once selected to operate a concession stand, your group must be committed to making the most of this outstanding opportunity! Your organization will be trained on how to operate the concession stand that will be assigned to your group. Following the guidelines set by the stadium can increase the sales in your stand.


Your non-profit organization and the Sugar Land Skeeters can be a great team! Working together, we can provide excellent customer service as well as food and beverage to our fans while they are visiting Constellation Field. In exchange for your hard work, your organization will be paid a commission rate of 10% of the revenue for operating a food stand and will be paid 8% of the revenue for alcohol. We look forward to working with your non-profit in 2021 and thank you for your interest in Constellation Field!


By meeting the staffing requirements for your assigned stand, your group can make the most of the Sugar Land Skeeters fundraising opportunity. The following is a description of all positions you will need to fill while operating a concessions stand:

  • Stand Representative: Stand representatives are responsible for ensuring all volunteers arrive on time; confirming beginning and ending inventories; assigning specific duties to other workers in the stand; preparing appropriate levels of product; minimizing product waste; and collecting all monies generated by the assigned work station. We require at least two (2) people for this position over the age of 25 years. All stand representatives MUST attend training and be approved by the director of concessions prior to working any event.
  • Stand Runner: Stand runners are responsible for assisting in the food preparation and assembly; supplying cashiers with food items; and cleaning of the preparation area. Stand runners are also responsible for filling beverage orders for the cashiers; maintaining ice levels in all ice bins; stocking cups in beverage stations; and maintaining the cleanliness of the beverage stations.
  • Condiment Carts: Your organization will be responsible for upkeep of condiment carts.
  • Age Requirements: Minimum age requirements will be 18 years of age and TABC certified or 16 years of age for stand runner or condiment carts.
  • Alcohol Certification: TABC requires that any person associated with the service or selling of any alcoholic beverages must be certified to do so.
  • Certified Food Manager: We are requiring that one group member is a certified food manager. Information on these certifications can be found here. If your non-profit is interested, please fill out the form below and return to Greg Hernandez at [email protected].