Tattoo Night at NBT Bank Stadium: Details and FAQ's

Fans that receive a Chiefs tattoo from Carmelo's Ink receive free general admission tickets for life

By Syracuse Chiefs | June 26, 2014 3:55 PM ET

The Syracuse Chiefs, the Triple-A affiliate of the Washington Nationals, will host their first-ever "Tattoo Night" sponsored by Carmelo's Ink City on July 1st at NBT Bank Stadium. Any fan that gets a specific Chiefs' logo tattooed on them by artists from Carmelo's Ink City will receive general admission to all Chiefs' home games for life. Fans must be at least 18 years of age to receive the tattoo and cannot be intoxicated before receiving the tattoo, as a standard health and safety procedure.


Q: What will the tattoo look like?

A: The tattoo that fans will be receiving is the main Chiefs' "C" logo worn on the team's hats and jerseys. The design itself will be black. There will only be one specific sized tattoo that the artists from Carmelo's Ink will be rendering.

Q: How many people will be receiving tattoos?

A: Fans will receive the tattoos on a first-come, first-serve basis. Each tattoo will take approximately 20-25 minute to complete for each of the three artists from Carmelo's that will be at the ballpark. A maximum of 36 fans will be able to receive the tattoo between 6pm and 10pm. We encourage fans to get to the stadium as early as possible to reserve their time slot. All fans receiving tattoos must sign a waiver beforehand that the Chiefs will provide.

Q: How do I sign up to get the tattoo?

A: An appointment sheet will be posted outside the Hank Sauer Room. Fans will be able to sign up for a designated time slot based on availability. If fans are not on time for their appointment, then the fan with the next time slot will take their place. Once again, we encourage fans to arrive early to the ballpark to get the earliest possible time slots.

Q: Where in the stadium will the tattoos be done?

A: The artists from Carmelo's Ink will be stationed in the Hank Sauer Room on the main stadium concourse. We have made sure that the Hank Sauer Room is up-to-date with all the health and safety codes needed for tattoo artistry. We remind fans that Carmelo's will NOT be giving tattoos to fans that have been drinking for safety purposes.

Q: Where on my body can I get the Chiefs' tattoo?

A: We are limiting the areas in which fans can get tattoos to arms, calves, upper shoulder, ribs, and ankles. Fans that receive these tattoos and the lifetime tickets will be asked to show ticket office representatives their tattoos before each game they attend and these areas are the most appropriate locations. The artists from Carmelo's Ink will be including blacklight ink as part of the tattoos so that only those fans that received the tattoos on this night can take advantage of the promotion.

Q: What if I get the tattoo, but I want to upgrade my seats for a future game?

A: Those fans who receive the tattoo will be able to upgrade their seats at future games if they please at a discounted price. 

For tickets to Tattoo Night, or any other Chiefs' home game this season, contact the stadium ticket office at 315-474-7833 or go to our website,

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