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Chiefs unveil new mascot

"Pops" Mac Arthur will join Scooch in entertaining fans
June 14, 2007
SYRACUSE (NY) - The Syracuse Chiefs are pleased to announce the newest addition to the organization, "Pops". "Pops" will begin to assist Chiefs mascot Scooch in entertaining fans at Thursday's 7:15 PM game versus the Toledo Mud Hens.

"Pops" Biographical Information

Born: 1934

Place of Birth: Unknown - found near train tracks in Syracuse as an infant

Occupation: Retired Engineer

Hobbies: Taking naps, dancing when things get exciting (the Mac-arena is one of his favorites), keeping his mustache well groomed

Personality: Old man-ish, a little insecure (Scooch is helping him out)

Background Information: In 1934, just after the completion of MacArthur Stadium a little bundle was found on the side of the railroad tracks in Syracuse. An engineer brought his train to a halt and picked up the bundle and was surprised to see not only a baby, but a baby with a baseball for a head.

Not sure what to do with him, the engineer decided to raise the child and named him Mac Arthur after the new Syracuse Baseball Stadium. As a child Mac would watch the Chiefs games every night from far beyond the outfield fence, away from people's sight. He loved the smell of the ballpark's green grass, the players - Hank Sauer, Mack Jones, and Carlos Delgado - and later Scooch the Chiefs mascot.

When he grew up he became an engineer himself and he would always blow the train whistle when he drove by the stadium. Now 73, Mac who was nicknamed "Pops" by his fellow engineers, is retired from the railroad and is ready to enjoy his golden years by spending time at Alliance Bank Stadium and becoming part of the Chiefs family and a good friend to Scooch.