Collectors Corner: Brewers On Deck

By Wisconsin Timber Rattlers | January 22, 2014 11:50 AM ET

With Brewers On Deck on tap for this weekend in Milwaukee, I thought it was a good time to update some items I've acquired from the Brewers over the years.  I wrote a story a few years back (read here), but my Brewers collection did not stop then, as it's continued to grow.  Not all of these items were bought from the Brewers at On Deck, but they were all bought from the Brewers at one of their events (Clubhouse Sale, Charity Foundation Sale, etc.) or from another vendor at Brewers On Deck.

I started off with autograph photos last time, so I'll start with them again.  It's pretty rare that I can get away from the table to get autographs, but often times the Brewers sell autograph photos from previous events, typically of former Brewers.  Manny Parra rehabbed with the Timber Rattlers in 2011, but I have no idea why I bought Loe.

I've been known to wear my game-worn Mitch Stetter jersey (shown in the first story) to Brewers games, so I couldn't pass on the Stetter auto.  I tweeted out that I was wearing my Stetter jersey to a game in Seattle this past year and got a tweet back from Mitch, hoping that I wouldn't get beat up.  Sweet sideburns on Jenks.

Occasionally I get to sneak over to the minor league autograph table, which is just a little down from where we set up, and grab a couple autos.  Last year I was able to get Mitch Haniger and Victor Roache.

Maybe someday I'll be lucky enough to get this one signed.

I thought the Ben Sheets' autographed Baseball America was a pretty cool item so I picked one up a couple of years ago.  The Brewers had a bunch of them for sale, already sealed in plastic, which was a nice touch.

Our friends at the Huntsville Stars typically have a table next to us for Brewers On Deck.  I normally pick up a team card set, as well as any bobbleheads they have for sale, like this Hunter Morris Father's Day bobble.

I'm a big fan of random jerseys, but typically only game-worn ones.  But for some reason, I pulled the trigger on this Zach Braddock replica.  These were on clearance because he had changed numbers (13 to 21) due to the arrival of Zack Greinke.  Braddock had a rehab stint with the Rattlers in 2011.  His career has derailed in the past couple years, which is a shame because the promise he showed in the 2010 season with the Brewers.  He had a 2.94 ERA and struck out over a batter an inning in 46 appearances as a 22 year old.  His future looked bright.

This throwback Brewers batting helmet was "worn" by Greg Aquino during the 2007 season.  Aquino was a reliever who did not have any at bats for the Brewers that year.  The only way he would have actually worn this helmet is if the pitchers took batting practice on one of the throwback nights at Miller Park during the year, which is unlikely.  The padding on the inside shows no sign of wear.  In case you were wondering, Aquino only had two at bats during his entire career, but neither were strikeouts.  He did, however, hit into a double play.

I probably have more Vinny Rottino memorabilia than Vinny himself, including these locker signs of the fellow UW-La Crosse alum.  I'm a little less sure of this now than I was a year ago, but I still think that Vinny will be the second to last player to wear number 8 in Brewers history.

This 2011 retro batting practice jersey was not purchased because Mark DiFelice wore it, although that seems logical.  Nope, I bought it because 45 is the number of my all-time favorite Brewers player, Rob Deer.

This is one of my favorite pieces that I have acquired in the last couple years.  Cody Scarpetta was with the Timber Rattlers in 2009 and pitched well, despite his 4-11 record.  Due to a snafu when he signed his original contract with the Brewers, Scarpetta was added to the 40 man roster a little earlier than normal.  During July of 2011, the Brewers needed an emergency pitcher and Scarpetta was summoned to the Major Leagues.  He suited up for Milwaukee on July 10 for a Sunday game against the Cincinnati Reds.  The Brewers won on a walk-off sacrifice fly by Craig Counsell, but Cody did not see any action and was sent down the very next day.  He is what's known as a phantom Major Leaguer, someone who has been on an active MLB roster, but never made his Major League debut.  This very well might be Scarpetta's jersey from his one, and potentially only day in the Majors.

Hopefully I find some more cool stuff at Brewers On Deck this year, although I really don't need anything.  But the collector's creed, just because you don't need it, doesn't mean you don't want it.

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