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Fox Sports 920AM The Jersey

Listen to Trenton Thunder games live on 920 The Jersey (WNJE-AM) and select games on 1040 AM WCHR. Visit for more information.

Broadcasts begin 20 minutes before the scheduled start time for home games and 15 minutes before road games. The A-1 Limousine Post Game Show begins shortly after the final out.

Subscription required

(All games available)

WBCB 1490 AM

At least 30 games in 2019 will be aired on 1490 AM, WBCB out of Levittown, PA.

2019 WBCB Schedule:

April 13 vs. Portland 1PM

April 20 vs. Portland 1PM

April 29 vs. New Hampshire 7PM

May 2 vs. Harrisburg 6:30PM

May 16 vs. Binghamton 7PM

May 18 vs. Binghamton 7PM

May 26 vs. Binghamton 6:35PM

May 30 vs. Altoona 7PM

May 31 vs. Harrisburg 7PM

June 5 vs. Hartford 7:05PM

June 6 vs. Hartford 7:05PM

June 8 vs. Erie 7PM

June 13 vs. Binghamton 6:35PM

June 27 vs. New Hampshire 7PM

July 1 vs. Portland 7PM

July 11 vs. Reading 7:15PM

July 14 vs. Reading 5:15PM

July 18 vs. Hartford 7PM

July 21 vs. Hartford 5PM

July 22 vs Akron 7PM

July 25 vs Erie 7:05PM

July 28 vs. Erie 7:05PM

August 1 vs. Altoona 7PM

August 4 vs Hartford 5:05PM

August 10 vs Harrisburg 7PM

August 19 vs. New Hampshire 7PM

August 22 vs. Portland 6PM

August 29 vs. New Hampshire 6:35PM

September 1 vs. Reading 7PM

*Please note that all game broadcasts, dates and times are subject to change without notice.