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Canadians Content: Meet Bryan Longpre

'Man of many hats' helps C's out of bullpen this summer
June 25, 2011
(Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium - Vancouver, BC) - Most baseball players go to University to either further their education or in some instances, get a little bit closer to the bright lights of the Major Leagues.

Canadians RHP Bryan Longpre is one of the players on our team that is set to graduate (with honours) from university with a degree in Finance.

A self proclaimed "nerd", I had to ask how he found the time to balance school, baseball, and just being a guy.

"It was hard for sure," he said.

"There were a couple days where I would go to the library, then baseball practice, then back to the library. I got through it though."

Bryan credits his parents for instilling the importance of education in him at an early age but the reason he chose to get a finance degree is due to one of his role models, Chip Stone.

"Chip is a financial advisor that I know who has influenced me in my life not only educationally but personally as well."

Bryan admires Chip because of his ability to balance being an all around family guy with a focus on also helping his clients. "If I wasn't playing baseball, I would be a financial advisor. I want to help people like he [Chip] does. There's a stereotype that all advisors are just out looking to make a quick buck and I would want to be able to break that ideology."

Bryan may have a degree and a future goal but don't think this guy is always serious. If you watch his introduction video before he steps on the mound, you'll see another one of Bryan's talents: juggling.

"Yeah I can juggle. Only three baseballs though. I can't do anymore than that," he said, laughing. "Once I was able to juggle a basketball, baseball, and a golf ball but I don't think I can do that anymore."

Bryan was signed as a non-drafted free agent by the Blue Jays in 2010 and says that not seeing your name as a draftee was hard but you should never give up hope.

"It sucks not getting that call but now I feel a little bit like the underdog and I just want to get out on the mound and show what I can do."

From a serious graduate to showing off his juggling skills to being the underdog, it's clear that Bryan wears many hats. When you see Bryan at the game, you will see his seriousness on the mound but if you're lucky you might catch him juggling after the final out that results in a C's victory.