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Five Guys May Days Fundraiser

Program Overview

Raise funds for your non-profit organization and have fun while you celebrate with your supporters, volunteers, friends, and family!

- No minimum requirements or costs to your organization

- The Lake Monsters will provide your organization with a URL link that will direct supporters to a webpage that offers special, $7.00 grandstand tickets valid for a game of your choosing

- For each grandstand ticket purchased through this link, your organization will receive $2.50!

- Sell your tickets throughout the entire month of May

- Five Guys will match the non-profit that sells the most tickets with a donation, up to $500

- You will receive weekly updates on how many tickets your organization has sold

- Opportunity to participate in Five Guys Feature Night program

Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints:

- Send information about May Days, your flyer, and your URL to your volunteers, employees, supporters, sponsors, family, friends, and co-workers

- Include in your e-newsletters, website, Facebook page, Twitter page, and Instagram page

- Send weekly reminders

- Create contests within your group to see who can sell the most tickets

- Distribute hard copies of your flyer at events, meetings, and around town

For more information about the Five Guys May Days Fundraiser, please contact Joe at 802-655-4200 or [email protected]

The Lake Monsters May Days Fundraiser Is Proudly Brought To You By: