Whitecaps asking fans to vote on new concession item

By Mickey Graham / West Michigan Whitecaps | February 23, 2017 7:18 AM ET

COMSTOCK PARK, MI - The West Michigan Whitecaps, along with their partner Zeeland Food Services, Inc., makers of Zoye Premium Vegetable Oil, are ready for the fans to have their say! The eighth-annual fan voting contest to determine Fifth Third Ballpark's next culinary delight starts today - Thursday, February 23.

The list has been narrowed down from several hundred ideas submitted by fans earlier this month and the dozens of ideas coming out of the GFS Test Kitchen to just 10 choices. Fans are invited to go to www.whitecapsbaseball.com and vote for their favorite item. Previous winners of the contest were the Declaration of Indigestion. Chicks with Sticks (celery, carrots and hummus), the Baco and last year's winner "Dutch Love."

Mickey Humphries form Comstock Park, who submitted the Alan Spammell, said "I've enjoyed being a part-time chef ever since I was a kid. My wife thinks I'm crazy but I love messing around with different food items and being a bit of a scientist in the kitchen. I think Whitecaps fans will really be able to pig out on my combination of Spam, bacon and mac 'n cheese."

Whereas Rusty Morningstar from Muskegon thinks his Beercheese Poutine should be the winner "I love baseball, especially local baseball teams. I believe this dish screams baseball, I mean what's better than fries with toppings and the sound of the crack of the bat!"

Voting will run through Friday, March 3, and will take place on the Whitecaps website, www.whitecapsbaseball.com. The winner will be announced later in March.

Kenneth Marvin from Grand Rapids is campaigning for his Mighty Mac Dog. "I was inspired for this concoction because of my indecisiveness when it comes to what to get to eat. This is for the fan that is looking for something that has several satisfying flavors going on in every bite that really compliment each other. I have always been fond of how a pretzel bun accentuates a great American hot dog and then to top it with macaroni and cheese and load it with the flavors of a BLT. Now that is a Yankee Doodle Dandy! I think it is sure to tantalize the fans taste buds and cure a hungry appetite all at once."

Not to be outdone, Sara Bier from Rockford has the largest (and maybe highest caloric) submission with the I Full Tower. "A friend and I are partial season ticket holders and frequently talk about our favorite part of the games (the food) while at work. We both enjoy the corn dog and the onion rings, so why not combine them!"

Below is a complete list and description of the 10 finalists.

Deep Fried Bubble Gum: Chewing gum and baseball has been synonymous. It's in packs of baseball cards, it's in the clubhouse, it's in the dugout and now it's in the deep fryer! Deep Fried Bubble gum is a home run of an idea!

Dessert Fries: (fries with ice cream toppings) The age long dispute between those that like sweet and those that like savory has been settled. Dessert Fries have the perfect amounts of French Fries, chocolate and strawberry sauce. It's a sweet and savory paradise where everyone is welcome! 

The Last Samuroll: (uncut sushi roll and coated it in batter. Deep fried and served with Siracha mayo). From the Land of the Rising Sun comes the biggest import since Pokemon! We're going take that sushi roll put it on a stick, deep fry it and add a little Siracha! It won't be the Last Samuroll you'll ever eat.

I Full Tower: (footlong corn dog surrounded in onion rings). This incredible concoction could easily become the 8th wonder of the modern world just from its sheer beauty. A footlong corndog surrounded by onion rings is not only appeasing to the eye, but will make your taste buds say, "C'est fantastique"

Beercheese Poutine: (fries, pulled pork bbq sauce, beercheese sauce, green onions). We're going to show those Canadians a thing or two about food! Take fries add pulled pork, bbq sauce, beercheese sauce and green onions put them all together and it makes all of our friends from the Great White North switch from 'Eh to Heeeeeey!

The Alan Spammell: (fried Spam, mac 'n cheese, bacon) Fried Spam and mac 'n cheese might be a better duo than Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker… That's a stretch, but you can chalk this up to be the best double play combo of the 2017 fan food voting. Fried spam, mac n' cheese, topped with bacon and served on bun is truly a pitcher's best friend.

Cy Youngdae: (donut sandwich with strawberries and whipped cream) Having a donut, great! Two donuts, amazing! Add strawberries and whip cream sandwiched between two donuts is the Cy Young of all desserts! This will go down as arguably the greatest dessert in history. 

Nacho Mama's PB&J: (deep fried peanut butter and jelly coated in Doritos) The days of trading your sandwich at the school lunch table are over! The traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwich has been schooled.

Mighty Mac Dog: (hot dog, mac 'n cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato on a pretzel bun). All Michiganders know to cross from the Mitten to the U.P. you use the Mighty Mac. When you cross baseball and amazing you get the Mighty Mac Dog! After eating this you'll never be cross again.

Hula Chicken Dance: (half pineapple hollowed out and served with teriyaki chicken and rice). From the land of poi, Don Ho and Barak Obama comes this mix of Hawaii and Japan. Take a pineapple, craft into a bowl then fill it with rice and Teriyaki chicken. So good it will give a third meaning to Aloha - "more please!"

The Whitecaps' 24th opening day is set for Thursday, April 6, at 6:35 p.m. against the South Bend Cubs. The first 1,200 fans through the gates will receive a Whitecaps Alpine Hat courtesy of Fifth Third Bank. Post-game Family Fare Fireworks will conclude the opening day celebration.

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