Whitecaps asking fans to vote on new concession item

February 18, 2013 8:44 AM ET

COMSTOCK PARK, MI - It's become a tradition. The fourth-annual fan voting contest to determine Fifth Third Ballpark's next culinary delight starts today - Tuesday, February 19.

The list has been narrowed down from more than 150 ideas submitted by fans last month and the dozens of ideas coming out of the GFS Test Kitchen to just 10 choices. Starting today, fans are invited to go to www.whitecapsbaseball.com and vote for their favorite item. The winner will be put on the menu this season.

Previous winners of the contest were the Cudighi Yooper Sandwich and the Declaration of Indigestion, two huge sandwiches that battled to a tie in the 2010. Chicks with Sticks (celery, carrots and hummus) was the overwhelming winner in 201,1 and last year another large sandwich, the Westside Po' Boy, won in a close contest narrowly edging out Pasties.

Matt Timon, Whitecaps Director of Food & Beverage, said the food contest is extremely popular. "This is a promotion we really look forward too every year," Timon said. "Our fans want to be involved in helping shape the menu. They've come up with some creative ideas, and whether they're using the contest to let us know what they want to eat while at a Whitecaps game or they're using it to show off their chef skills...either way, the fans win."

Below is a complete list of the 10 food contest finalists.

1. Bäco (taco in a bacon shell) While a taco is close to the perfect food for many, the one thing that makes every food item better is bacon! If you are a bacon fanatic the "Bäco" is for you. A taco in a specially-made bacon shell is as close to perfection as any culinary genius can find. 307 calories of an oinking good time. Vote "Bäco" in 2013.

2. Canadian Cotton Candy... eh? (maple bacon cotton candy) Celebrate some sweets from our neighbors to the north with "Canadian Cotton Candy... Eh?" A twist on the standard fluffy confectionary item, maple-bacon-infused cotton candy will make anyone smile. From the politest Mountie to the toughest lumberjack, this will have everyone singing "Oh Canada."

3. Coddog (fish hotdog) While you're likely familiar with catfish and hotdogs, allow us to introduce you to the "Coddog." Bringing together West Michigan's love of fish and the traditional shape of a hot dog, the "Coddog" may be swimming to a ballpark near you.

4. Deep Fried Peeps on a Stick (just as it sounds) Peeps usually appear only around Easter. But when they take a bath in batter and jump in a deep fryer, they become great anytime of the year, especially during baseball season!

5. Rascal Chow (popcorn, bacon, Reeses) Every mascot has his or her favorite foods. Our mascot, Crash the River Rascal, is no exception. This season you can vote for one of Crash's favorites, Rascal Chow. With a mix of popcorn, bacon and Reeses, this will make everyone can feel like a little Rascal.

6. Spam Fries (Spam cut and cooked like French Fries) When time and money are at a premium, and both hands can't be used to eat a hamburger, check out "Spam Fries!" Perfect for the ball game scorekeeper, "Spam Fries" give you the convenience of French fries and the fullness of dinner in one handy package.

7. Teeny Weenies (little hotdogs served in mini helmets) This little pig built his house out of a helmet! Mini hot dogs served in a mini helmet, but this is not a mini meal. Enjoy "Teeny Weenies" with all the fixings this summer at the ballpark.

8. The Bad Joke (corndog, cheese and duck bacon). A corn dog, covered in cheese, with two strips of duck bacon, all on a bun. One of the tastiest things you will ever have. Why is it a Bad Joke? Well it's a bit corny... a bit cheesy... and it will quack you up! It's one joke you are sure to remember.

9. The Da Vinci Cone (giant meatball in a garlic cone topped with marinara) When a plate and a fork stand between you and a meatball dinner, look no further. The "Da Vinci Cone" is the solution to your walking dinner needs. You can have an ice cream cone in one hand and a "Da Vinci Cone" in the other for dinner and dessert on the go.

10. Walking Salad (Caesar Salad on a stick. Yes, a Caesar Salad on a stick) The challenge of a salad at the ballpark is trying to eat it, while enjoying the game and yet not making a complete mess. The "Walking Salad" takes care of all that and more! Few food items at the ballpark allow you to burn off half your meal walking to and from the concession stand.

Voting runs for two weeks and concludes Tuesday, March 5, and will take place on the Whitecaps website, www.whitecapsbaseball.com.The winner will be announced later in March.

The Whitecaps open their 20th season of baseball at home on Thursday, April 4 against the Dayton Dragons at 6:35 pm. The first 1,500 fans through the gates will receive a Whitecaps 20th season hat courtesy of Fifth Third Bank. It's also the first Altogas Thrifty Thursday of the season with food and beverage specials all game long. Season, group and individual game tickets are now on sale and can be purchased by calling the Whitecaps front office at 616-784-4131 or by visiting www.whitecapsbaseball.com.


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