#RepYour2020 - Meet Saunders and Cash

July 10, 2019 12:27 PM

The #RepYour2020 segment for this week is about a couple of guys who were the among the first to use and promote our brand's hashtag. If you are interested in entrepreneurship and technology, these are your guys. Originally from opposite sides of the country, born in California and Florida, the two have come together to join forces in sharing their knowledge and insight about the rigorous path many business people undergo during their entrepreneurial process. To say they are passionate about helping businesses grow and develop in the greater Wichita area would be an understatement. Be sure to listen to their radio show on KSUN 95.9.




Floyd Saunders

Sean Cash

Originally From  

Saunders - From California, but have lived in eight states: Arizona, California, Delaware (twice), South Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Iowa, and Kansas. Plus 15 months in Guam, three years in Canada

Cash - Born in Florida, grew up in Clearwater Kansas, Lived in Wichita since 1992. I've lived in San Francisco, New York, Washington DC, and Bethany Beach DE but always consider Wichita home

How long ago did you move here             

Saunders - 2005

Cash - Grew up in Clearwater, 20 minutes SW of Wichita. I've been a resident since 1992

What do you do? Namely, what is something people recognize you for?

Floyd - retired technology management executive, now the co-host of Saunders and Cash on the radio and a podcast

Cash - Entrepreneurship, Saunders and Cash Radio Show Co-Host, Professor of Business at Friends University.

What distinguishes the ICT from mostly any other place in the country?

Saunders - For us it's the growing community of entrepreneurs that are always ready to reach out and help each other be successfully.

Cash - Big city culture and amenities with small town feel.

What are you most excited for in the next 5-10 years in the 316?

Saunders - To watch and participate in the growth that Wichita will experience, not just in business, but everything that makes Wichita a stronger community, and family place. The new ball park, a new center of performing arts and convention center that works.

Cash - Big city culture and amenities with small town feel.

What's your main goal when running your social media accounts? What's your purpose?

Saunders - Your purpose is to promote businesses in Wichita and the greater area around Wichita, specifically start-ups and entrepreneurs

Cash - Raise awareness to my business, my radio show, and the organizations I'm involved in.

Top Breakfast Spots?     

Saunders - Doo-Dah Diner, Homegrown, Riverside Café

Cash - The Beacon, Doo Dah Diner, Jimmy's Egg

Top Lunch Spots?                            

Saunders - Copper Oven Café and Bakery, The Kitchen, Lotus Leaf Café

Cash - Monarch, Mike's Wine Dive, Public

Top Bars

Cash - Harry's, Monarch, The Hill

What annual event do you look forward to the most?     

Saunders - Riverfest of course

Cash - Riverfest and the opening of the Landmark Drive In

What's one thing you want people to understand about Wichita and its people?

Saunders - It's not what you know, or whom you know, it's who knows you. You have to establish relationships with people, not just collect business cards.

Cash - We are innovative entrepreneurs.

If you plan one theme night at the ballpark in 2020, what would that be and why?

Saunders - Nothing more traditional than a baseball game for the 4th of July.

Cash - Entrepreneurs/small business night. Get the entrepreneurial small business community out, networking and relaxing.

What do you want your followers to know about you?

Saunders - Passionate about supporting entrepreneurship in Wichita

Cash - I'm passionate about entrepreneurship and helping people/businesses grow their business, find alternative paths to solving their problems, and overcoming obstacles.


Saunder - All time favorite Raiders of the Lost Arc

Cash - I'm passionate about entrepreneurship and helping people/businesses grow their business, find alternative paths to solving their problems, and overcoming obstacles.

Vacation Spot

Saunders - The Island of Kauai, Hawaii

Cash - The Beach

Place to Shop in the ICT  

Saunders - Ace Hardware, Lowes, and Home Depot.

Cash - New Market

Wichita Website to Follow?

Saunders - Visit Wichita

Cash - SaundersandCash.com

Wichita person or business to follow on IG?   

Suanders - JencoleICT

Cash - Renee Duxler

Ask & Answer Your Own Question   

Saunders - Why Wichita?   -  Great possibilities, great people, Wonderful variety of neighborhoods, Several top notch universities and colleges, diverse employment opportunities, community engagement in the arts, education, business and the building the future.

Cash - Is the ICT's entrepreneurial activity the wrong activity or the correct activity but on a slower trajectory that we'll never catch up to comparable cities with more entrepreneurial activity

The answer is, both! We should have more activity and more resources promoting entrepreneurial activity.




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