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July 29, 2019 12:47 PM

This local neighborhood bar and grill located in the Douglas design district, has been serving local people of Wichita since 2004. Owner/Operator Schane Gross and In-house Creative Communications Director Naomi Shapiro are thrilled about the growth of the city with the revitalization of the riverfront and can't wait to see what is to come.


Schane Gross

Naomi Shapiro

Originally From

Schane- USA - ha, TriState area had my parents not joined the Army. I'm a military brat.

Naomi- Kailua, Hawaii

How long ago did you move here

Schane- 4th / 5th grade?

Naomi- 2001

What do you do? Namely, what is something people recognize you for?

Schane- I'd say high energy idea pusher. I'm known for tattooing, body piercing (I like to forget that those were some of my careers - but hey we all start somewhere). I'm known for The Anchor and The Anchor Meat Market. Serial entrepreneur…

Naomi- I'm the in-house creative communications director at The Anchor and the Anchor Meat Market, co-founder and co-chair of Digital Wichita, @superdumb on Twitter

What distinguishes the ICT from mostly any other place in the country?

Schane- It's population! That's a hard question to answer. My reality here is the view I have. I see a city rich with arts and artists, movers and shakers, a lot of growth. I think most cities have this and I am lucky to know a lot of the people involved and I am lucky to be involved.

Naomi- Wichitans have a self-effacing pride. It's been fantastic to live here during a bit of a Wichita renaissance, where locals are actually starting to celebrate our town out loud. The art and design community is so shy about how great they are. 

What are you most excited for in the next 5-10 years in the 316?

Schane- The baseball field! I am a huge baseball fan. I love the Delano developments. I love how the area around the downtown river is changing. Live music options have been off the hook and continue to be so. I am excited about the growth that will expand on the streets that are south of downtown between Kellogg and Douglas Avenue. I would like to see that growth start hitting my side of the block, but all great things happen with time.

Naomi- Retaining young professionals and continued growth downtown. More bands stopping here instead of going straight from KC to Tulsa or OKC. Reclaming Wichita for Wichitans!

What's your main goal when running your social media accounts? What's your purpose?

Schane- To entertain people and to distract them from the real debauchery that's always at hand! I am sooo joking. I had hired someone for all my marketing needs, but now I am getting back on it. My presence and personality are much more pronounced when I do it myself. I just recently acquired that job back so I am very excited honestly. Since my SM involves food, I like to share information on how and what when it comes to recipes and farm life. I love to share the experiences I am having while enjoying food & drink with partners in crime at the time it's all going down.

Naomi- The Anchor has been a steady presence in Wichita since 2004. It's such a constant that we run the risk of being taken for granted. I try to make sure folks know what we're doing and why. 

Top Breakfast Spots?

Schane- My house, your house, their house. Typically do not eat breakfast out.

Naomi- The Beacon, Doo-Dah brunch, Reverie's savory scones

Top Lunch Spots?

Schane- Public at Brickyard. Sapporo Sushi. Mimi's OldTown Mexican.

Naomi- The Anchor, Public, Molino's

Top Bars?

Schane- Cana, Anchor Meat Market, CSB

Naomi- The Anchor, Public, Lucky's

What annual event do you look forward to the most?

Schane- Central Standard Brewing's Boogie Down!!! There's also the Blooms, Brews & Bloody Mary's at Botanica.

Naomi- Strong Ale Fest, Wichita Big Screen's HorrorFest, Tallgrass film Fesitval

What's one thing you want people to understand about Wichita and its people?

Schane- My want is pretty universal. People are people and they are all doing their best. Now the image of the people of Wichita? There are a lot of movers and shakers here and for the most part there is a lot of support and championing each other in this town. Even those that don't agree with one another still support each other.

Naomi- Wichita is full of possibility with independent, entrepreneurial folks who are used to doing things for themselves. 

If you plan one theme night at the ballpark in 2020, what would that be and why?

Schane- Oktoberfest? I'm an event planner and like to corral large groups of people. Fall Festival? Winter Beer Fest? Maybe a huge BBQ event for sure. I love smoking meat.

What do you want your followers to know about you?

Schane- Not much more than they already think they know! I'm just happy that "Bad Press is Better than No Press" is back in style!


Schane- That's tricky. Don't watch a lot of TV. I am on a late 1990's movie kick. Anything that is have a 20 year anniversary for its release, I'm trying to get on for nostalgic reasons. The Matrix set was my last endeavor.

Naomi- A Room With A View is my all-time favorite movie, followed closely by the orginal Bedazzled.

Vacation Spot

Schane- Table Rock Lake!

Naomi- I miss the beach and the mountains I grew up with in Hawaii.

Place to Shop in the ICT

Schane- Bicycle X-Change and R&J Liquor

Naomi- Bungalow 26 always smells like heaven and has so much gorgeousness for your home. Lucinda's is fun for everyone you need to buy gifts for. Watermark is the kind of bookstore bigger cities dream of. Vortex Souvenir is really cool.

Wichita Website to Follow?

Schane- ICTMF.COM (coming)

Naomi- https://wichitaonthecheap.com/ is a great resource

Wichita person or business to follow on IG?

Schane- @ceilingbreakersict @ictpopup @wichitalocaleats @kangowhydrofarm

Naomi- @wichitabaseball2020, duh!

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