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The Interrogation Room: Scooter Gennett

March 9, 2011
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Scooter Gennett had an excellent 2010 season for the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers.  He played in the Midwest League All-Star Game for the Western Division and was selected as a member of the Midwest League Post-season All-Star team.  Plus, he was in an iconic photo from the snowed out Opening Day for 2010.  That picture has been turned into a bobblehead for Opening Day 2011.

Scooter is in Arizona right now getting ready for the season.  But, he took some time out from playing for the Brewers in Cactus League games and getting ready for the 2011 season to step into The Interrogation Room.

The Interrogation Room: How would you rate your 2010 season with the Timber Rattlers?

Scooter Gennett: I would say on a scale of 1-10, a 7. I swung the bat good early on, just tried to do too much later in the season. I also didn't take my walks when I should have, after 500 at bats walks are very important! My main focus now is defense which last year I struggled a little with, most of the time I was just trying to do too much rather than just making the routine plays. 

TIR:  Do you have a better idea for how long a 140 game season can be?

Scooter: Absolutely, I learned that you really need to pace yourself. You can't go full board early or you won't have a whole lot left at the end. I also learned to take it one game at a time; you can't worry about who is throwing tomorrow or who you're playing next week you have to keep your focus on the task at hand.

TIR: What was your highlight of 2010?

Scooter: My highlight for 2010 would have to be when I hit a grand slam at Quad Cities to put us in the lead. We were in a losing streak so it was nice to help the team out and get a big hit. 

TIR: What did you do after the season ended?

Scooter: I went straight to Arizona for instructional league which lasted about a month, so my season really didn't end tell around October 25.

TIR: You had a chance to attend Brewers On-Deck in Milwaukee at the end of January.  What was that experience like for you?

Scooter: It was a great experience meeting all the players and coaches... and fans of course. I'm very fortunate for the opportunity go and live like a big leaguer for a few days. Gave me that much more incentive to make it.

TIR:  Any story from that On-Deck Event that you would like to share?

Scooter: The photo session was sad for me (ha ha). All the other guys had packed lines and mine was empty.... The fans made out though, they didn't have to wait to take a picture with me.

TIR:  It may only be Spring Training, but how exciting has it been to see action with the Brewers in the Cactus League games this spring?

Scooter: It's been a great experience.  The opportunity to play with those guys is great. It's made me a better player. 

TIR: How much fun was it to keep the 9th inning alive with a two out single against Oakland right before Anderson De La Rosa hit his game-winning homer on March 3?

Scooter: It was a lot of fun.  I really like to be in situations like that. The most important thing is to stay relaxed and not try to do too much.  It was nice to keep the inning alive and give De La Rosa a chance to get a big hit.

TIR: Could you let the fans know what a typical day at Spring Training is like at this point of camp?

Scooter: Most of the time we get to the clubhouse around 7:30 eat breakfast then go out to the field to stretch around 9.  We throw then go into IPS which is defensive work that usually last for about 45 min.  After that we take batting practice for about 30 min.  After BP we do some conditioning and stretch.  Then we go into the weight room to get strong.  We usually leave the clubhouse around 1230

TIR:  Have you received any hints as to where you might start the 2011 season?

Scooter: Most likely High A [Brevard County]. Though it would be great to go back to Appleton, you can't find fans like that anywhere throughout the minor leagues.

TIR:  What was your reaction when you saw the Scooter v. the Snowman Bobblehead giveaway?

Scooter: My reaction was, "Wow that looks just like me!!" It's very cool to see yourself in a little statue like that. Thank you to the fans for voting for me and Mr. Snowman.

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