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The Interrogation Room: Nick Bucci

November 14, 2011
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We  have a great guest to kick off the return of The Interrogation RoomNick Bucci, a Timber Rattlers pitcher in 2010, pitched for Brevard County in the Florida State League this past season.  He was just in the news as part of the Canadian Baseball team that won bronze at the World Cup of Baseball in Panama and gold at the Pan American Games in Mexico.

Let's get to the interview.

The Interrogation Room: Congratulations on being part of Canada's Gold medal winning team at the Pan Am Games in Guadalajara, Mexico.  What did you enjoy the most about the experience?

Nick Bucci: Thank you, I definitely appreciate it. Having a couple of weeks to sit back and realize what we had truly accomplished for Canadian Baseball, I find myself gaining more appreciation towards what we did everyday.  Looking back to the moment standing on the middle of the podium with all the players, after we had all received our medals and simultaneously we pointed towards all of our coaches who were watching from the dugout, just to show them the proper respect they deserved for all there hard work. That moment can sum up our whole experience.

TIR: You also came back with a bronze medal from the World Cup of Baseball in Panama.  By our count, in the last three major international baseball tournaments, Canada has won two bronze medals and a gold.  To what do you account the recent run of success?

NB: I think hats have to go off to the players that paved Canadian Baseball before us, whether it be Larry Walker, Justin Morneau, Joey Votto, the list can go on and on now-a-days but they truly created a path for young Canadians to succeed. Also, Canadian Baseball wouldn't be at where it is today if it weren't for the man behind it all, Greg Hamilton, who has engineered the rapid development of baseball in Canada.

TIR: Jim Henderson and Brock Kjeldgaard were on Team Canada, too.  We saw that Brock had some big hits.  What else can you tell us about the performance of these other two former Rattlers during the tournaments?

NB: Jim Henderson was the backbone of our bullpen all tournament, he came in in key situations numerous times and gave gutsy performances to lock down wins for this ball club. Brock came through with his bat at times we needed him the most, knowing he has the ability to hit the long ball on every swing can be very devastating to an opponent.

TIR: One thing that some of our twitter followers couldn't believe was that Brock played center for Canada.  How would you rate his performance out there?

NB: The thing about Brock is, for being such a large person, he is still very agile, reads balls off the bat very well, and has a strong arm to make the necessary throws from center. For being such a good athlete there aren't many positions on the field that he can't play.

TIR: How would you rate your season in Brevard County?

NB: Overall I feel like I had a fairly successful season with the Manatees. There were things I wanted to accomplish and implement into my pitching and for the most part I am happy with. There is always work to do but there were strides made and things learned this past year that I can take with me for the rest of my career.

TIR: What was the biggest adjustment you had to make from the Midwest League to the Florida State League?

NB: I look towards 2 factors for me, personally. One being, working ahead in the count. It's harped on in baseball a ton but to get first pitch strikes helps in a pitchers favor immensely. Second, having the confidence in your fastball to throw it in any count or any situation is vital in a pitchers success.

TIR:  We've noticed on your twitter - @nickbooch - that you have incorporated hot yoga into your offseason workouts.  What is hot yoga and how is it supposed to help you as a pitcher?

NB: Yes, everyone follow me and my off season maneuvers as I get ready for the 2012 season. Hot yoga is basically yoga in a room that reaches upwards of 105 degrees which allows you to get deeper into stretches. Regards to pitching, it not only helps you with flexibility, there is a focus on balance, power, endurance and core strength within these classes. For me, all this is crucial to endure a baseball season as a pitcher. 

TIR: Speaking of twitter, there are a lot of current Brewers minor league players on twitter.  Who is your favorite to follow?

NB: I enjoy checking to see what guys are up too. I'm fairly new to the twitter world so I haven't deemed anyone my favorite to follow but I advise you to follow Maverick Lasker - @LaskerMaverick - he's also new to the game so show him some love.

TIR:  What do you think 2012 holds for you?

NB:  I'm just trying to train as hard as I can now to give myself the best chance for a successful 2012. I can't quite predict what 2012 brings but I definitely look forward to it.