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Youth sports programs are as prominent in Northeast Ohio as anywhere in the country. On any given summer night, youth baseball fields are filled with our "little big leaguers of tomorrow." However, with so many sports organizations, financial support can be an issue. Many youth leagues struggle to find the funding for equipment, field maintenance/repair, team sponsorships and more.

In order to help alleviate financial burdens, the Scrappers have developed the League of Champions Fundraising Program. It is a long term cooperative partnership that includes an on-going fundraising program as well as rewards for teams and/or individual players. Best of all, each year you provide your kids with a ballpark experience they will cherish forever. Our purpose is to provide some financial relief now and to continue providing avenues for financial support in the years to come!


  • Leagues will select a 2020 game date that will be their designated game night
    • Purchasers are not required to attend this date, but it is highly encouraged
  • Leagues can sell undated and/or dated 2020 Mahoning Valley Scrappers Upper Box seat ticket vouchers for $8 (normally $10)
  • Each league will receive $4 from each ticket voucher sold
  • Leagues will receive printed vouchers and/or a league specific code to purchase fundraising tickets online
    • Choosing the online option allows purchasers to choose their game and their physical seat location (ie; aisle seat, specific row)
    • The Scrappers can have a specific section available for your pre-arranged youth league night to guarantee your players and families can all sit together
  • Based on the number of tickets sold, your league will have the opportunity to win experiences at Eastwood Field or at your league field


We have set up goals for your league to reach. Each participating league will have the opportunity to be rewarded with the following based on the number of tickets sold.

100-250 Sold:

  • In-game recognition: your league will receive a group welcome during an inning break with a chance to appear on the video board.
  • Play Ball Kid: one player will be selected to say the two most important words in baseball prior to your league's game night.
  • Junior PA: one player will be selected to announce the Scrappers batters during an inning of your league's game night.
  • In-game promotions: members of your league will have the opportunity to participate in pre-selected on-field contests during your league's game night.

251-500 Sold (includes everything listed above):

  • Play catch: your entire league will have the opportunity to play catch in the outfield prior to or after your league's game night (must provide own baseballs and gloves).
  • First pitch: one player will have the chance to throw out a ceremonial first pitch prior to the league's game night.
  • 7th Inning Stretch: your league will have the opportunity to sing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" from left field and appear on the video board on your league's game night.

501-750 Sold (includes everything listed above):

  • Scrappy appearance: league will receive a FREE one hour Scrappy appearance (based on availability) at a league event (registration, opening day, etc.). Must be coordinated at least 3 weeks in advance.
  • Field of Dreams: one youth team or maximum of 14 players will run out with the Scrappers starting lineup and stand with Scrappers players on field for the National Anthem on your league's game night. 

751-999 Sold (includes everything listed above):

  • Meet the team: your league will have the opportunity to have a special meet the team (autograph session) following a pre-determined Scrappers game (not individual league night).
  • Batting practice: your league will have the opportunity to take batting practice, tour the stadium and receive lunch on a pre-determined date that will be available for all leagues that obtain this level.

1,000 + Sold (includes everything listed above):

  • Youth field makeover: your league and the Scrappers Grounds Crew will select one youth field to receive a makeover. Makeover items may include but not limited to: edging, mound replacement, dugout facelift, education for field maintenance.
  • Field sponsorship: the Scrappers will make a donation to purchase a field sign or sponsor a team (donation will not exceed $500).


These are just a few questions that are commonly asked. If you have further questions do NOT hesitate to ask!

What do you think is the best way to approach this fundraiser?

  • The best way to start and get a base would be to automatically build the cost of the tickets ($8) into your league registration fee for all players. You can include one ticket for just the player or two tickets, since they would need to bring an adult with them. You can also include the online code and the date of your league night game on a separate flyer in your registration.
  • Create a Facebook Event with your league game night associated with it. Here, you can promote your online promotional code, the date in general, and answer any questions parents or players may have. Creating a Facebook Event will also keep all members in your league updated on the success!

What is the easiest way to distribute the tickets?

  • Arrange a ticket pick-up when uniforms are distributed. This ensures everyone will have their vouchers well before the game date.

If we reach the goal, how do we pick the individual players for specific in-game events?

  • There are a couple of ways this can be done. A great way would be to create an additional fundraiser. Once you reach this goal, you can sell rafflle tickets (1 for $1, 6 for $5) for a chance to win one of the in-game events (first pitch, junior PA, on-field promotions).
  • If you go above and beyond building the cost of the ticket(s) into registration, you can use experiences as an incentive to sell more! The player(s) who sell the most have the opportunity to choose which experience they would like to do.
  • Obvously, this would be all up to the leagues discretion, but previous leagues have had success in both options.

Interested in the League of Champions Fundraising Program? Call (330) 505-0000 or email [email protected] for more information!