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Legends back BlueClaws in 'Restore the Shore'

December 12, 2012
(WHITAKER BANK BALLPARK, Lexington, Ky.) The Lexington Legends and the Lakewood BlueClaws are South Atlantic League rivals on the baseball field, but the Legends are enthusiastically supporting the New Jersey-based BlueClaws on their "Restore the Shore" campaign in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

The Legends purchased "Restore the Shore" t-shirts in support of the efforts by the Blue Claws to help victims of the super storm. The campaign will continue through Memorial Day. While the BlueClaws are working closely with individuals and businesses in their area, support is welcome from anywhere. Atlantic Physical Therapy and Ergo clothing are sponsoring the campaign.

"Supporting the BlueClaws in the Restore the Shore efforts was a no-brainer," said Sarah Bosso, the Legends' director of community relations and special events. "As a member of the South Atlantic League baseball family, we wish we were able to do more to help those affected. The hope is that our contribution to our friends in Lakewood and surrounding areas will highlight the importance of reaching out and supporting communities outside of your own, and will encourage other teams and individuals to do the same. We are grateful for the opportunity to be involved."

Each Friday until Memorial Day, participants will wear the t-shirts, and each person will make a donation every Friday. Details are available at

Businesses that participate will be honored in a ceremony at a 2013 BlueClaws game.

"Obviously, there were so many of our friends and neighbors impacted significantly by Hurricane Sandy," said Dave Manzo, co-founder of Atlantic Physical Therapy Center. "Through this program, we can raise money in a fun way over the next several months."

In early 2013, those impacted by the storm will be able to fill out an application, and donations will be made to as many families as possible.

"We have an opportunity to help many re-build after Sandy's devastation," said BlueClaws General Manager Geoff Brown. "We're looking forward to helping, and we hope that there are a lot of businesses and families that can help us make an impact." ###