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Monongalia County Ballpark Policies & Readiness Plan

Dear Black Bears Fans,

We are thrilled to welcome you back for to the ballpark for another season of Black Bears Baseball and the inaugural season of the MLB Draft League!

Due to local safety guidelines, we must adhere to social distancing within the ballpark. We are currently allowed to operate at 20% capacity and must keep fans 6 feet apart. While this may change as the season progresses, we anticipate remaining at this capacity for the immediate future. We continue to work with local and state authorities on guidelines for the upcoming season to make this season a safe and enjoyable one.

As we welcome the return of summer baseball to The Mon, we want to thank all our fans for their continued support during these difficult times. Though the landscape of baseball may have changed, we remain fully committed to making every trip to a Black Bears game truly memorable.

Thank you, and let’s go Black Bears!


Michael Buczkowski, President, Rich Baseball Operations

Matthew Drayer, General Manager, WV Black Bears

What will be Monongalia County Ballpark's capacity?

We are currently operating at approximately 20% seating capacity. Standing-room-only tickets (SRO) are not available at this time. This may change as the season progresses and we will adapt accordingly.

What cleaning practices are in place at the ballpark?

High contact surfaces and common areas like restrooms are frequently disinfected in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Are face coverings required to attend Black Bears games?

Yes, face coverings securely and adequately covering the nose and mouth will be required of all visitors entering Monongalia County Ballpark. Masks must be worn by all visitors, nine years old and older. Masks must be worn at all times unless actively eating or drinking. Any fans refusing to adhere to these guidelines may be removed from the ballpark without refund.

Will hand sanitizing stations be readily available for fans?

Yes, hand sanitizing stations will be located throughout the concourse.

What social distancing requirements are in place for Black Bears games?

All fans are encouraged to maintain 6-feet of distance between individuals. When enjoying the game, please stay in your designated seat as they are meant to maintain distance between groups. Fans are also asked to avoid gathering in large groups in open areas like the Party Deck.

Will tailgating be allowed before Black Bears games?

Tailgating is not permitted at Monongalia County Ballpark to discourage large gatherings of people. Tailgating in any of the parking areas is also prohibited.

What is the process for entering the ballpark?

Gates to Monongalia County Ballpark will open one (1) hour before scheduled first pitch. All tickets will be digitally scanned and all visitors must hold their own ticket throughout the entry process. All bags are strongly discouraged to reduce contact during the entry process. However, our clear bag policy remains in place.

How will concessions work at Monongalia County Ballpark.

You can still enjoy many of your ballpark favorites this season. All our staff will be wearing face coverings and gloves and all condiments will be offered in single-serve containers. All point-of-sale areas will have a clear barrier and physical distancing markers will be used to encourage physical distancing while in line.

Will the Bears Den Team Store be open during games?

Yes. All credit/debit card transactions will be handled in a separate line away from the registers. Card users must insert their own credit/debit cards into the card reader. Cash transactions will be processed at the register. All point-of-sale areas will have a clear barrier and physical distancing markers will be used to encourage physical distancing while in line. Please note, visitors are prohibited from trying on hats or apparel prior to purchase.

Will the Monongalia County Ballpark Ticket Office be open on game days?

The Ticket Office will be open starting at 9 a.m. on game days. Walk up tickets are based on availability, so please check the website for updates. All major credit cards are accepted. Cash transactions are discouraged.