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Canadians Headlines

  • Will C's Benefit From Jays Early Picks in 2017?

    It's a game of hit and miss when it comes to the Toronto Blue Jays and the annual MLB First-Year Player Draft. Canadians broadcaster Rob Fai looks back at an interesting period in Blue Jays history and wonders what could lie ahead for Vancouver when the dust settles just a few weeks from now. MORE »
  • Tellez and McBroom give Jays promising future at first

    Despite Rowdy Tellez showing more 'pop' at Blue Jays Spring Training down in Dunedin, FL, Canadians broadcaster Rob Fai suggests that taking your eyes off of Ryan McBroom could have you missing another option at first base in Toronto. MORE »
  • Former C's in World Baseball Classic

    Whether it's Marcus Stroman working the rubber for Team USA or Dalton Pompey getting his at-bats in for Team Canada, Vancouver Canadians fans won't have to look hard to find a number of former C's trying to win this year's World Baseball Classic. MORE »
  • Star Gazing at The Nat

    We all know of the former Vancouver Canadians who have gone on to play in the Major Leagues. Did you know since 2000, there have been more than 60! But, as we dig even further, we realize that number soars if you include those from the other seven teams in the Northwest League who stop by to play games here at Scotiabank Field. MORE »
  • Canadians Scholarship to Change Lives

    With a simple yet poignant gesture, Canadians partner Jeff Mooney and his wife Suzanne Bolton donated $75,000 to the Vancouver Canadians Baseball Foundation to help support a new education initiative in cooperation with The Boys & Girls Clubs of South Coast B.C. MORE »
  • Holloway leads handful of C's promotions

    In advance of the 2017 season, the Vancouver Canadians Baseball Club promoted several staff members to key positions. The most notable would be the elevation of Jeff Holloway, who assumes the role of Assistant General Manager, Community Relations & Team Operations. MORE »
  • 2017 Coaching Staff Announced

    The trio of Rich Miller, Jim Czajkowski and Dave Pano led Vancouver to its first ever Northwest League Championship in 2011. This coming season, they hope to re-capture the magic all over again. MORE »
  • C's congratulate Hall of Famer Tim Raines

    For anyone who has been around former baseball great Tim Raines over the past few years, there is no doubt you could feel for the base stealing great as he continued to wait for his phone call from Cooperstown. On his final ballot, Raines finally got 'the call' and the Vancouver Canadians couldn't be prouder. MORE »
  • Friendship for the Ages

    Jeff, Jake and Andy believed that the game of baseball could benefit a child's life in many ways, and that no child, for any reason, should be denied the opportunity to experience those benefits for themselves. Their determination sparked the creation of the Vancouver Canadians Youth Baseball League. MORE »
  • How one child's tattered shoes changed everything

    We often talk about legacy in sports and what signature will be left behind once a player and/or personality moves on in life. Maybe its the journalist in me -- but I would like to think that as we come together this week to celebrate the game of baseball and the road that we have all travelled together, that the legacy left behind from the Vancouver Canadians Baseball Foundation was karma. MORE »
  • 'Field of Dreams' becomes reality thanks to your generosity

    At first glance, Variety Challenger Baseball Field, located in Vancouver's Hillcrest Park adjacent to Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium, might strike you as just another baseball diamond, no different than most others found in parks and playgrounds across the city. But if you were to take a closer look you'd soon notice it's anything but. MORE »
  • A Day In The Life: Meet Joseph from our Youth League

    Before taxes, traffic jams and the other everyday realities of life sink in, children have the unique opportunity to simply wake up and dream. Meet Vancouver Canadians Youth League slugger Joseph who is already thinking of what he's going to do at The Nat long before it even happens. MORE »
  • Canadians Looking "Beyond The Nat"

    Did you know that for the past seven years, the Vancouver Canadians Baseball Foundation has quietly gone about its business helping children from all across the Lower Mainland? Now, the Canadians are ready to make some noise when it comes to bringing our communities together to truly make a difference. MORE »
  • Hissey's Heart Remains in Vancouver

    Former Vancouver Canadians catcher Ryan Hissey always knew he had a soft spot for our fair city. When he recently chose to join his housing family for the holidays, little did he know that a barrel full of snow was getting ready to be dumped on him. MORE »
  • The best offense was a good defense for Pillar

    Some may say that he is already there while others know that Kevin Pillar needs a deeper body of work to truly become one of baseball's best defensive players. Canadians broadcaster Rob Fai looks at how Pillar dazzled with his glove while finding how to get his bat up to speed. MORE »
  • C's Announce Date for 7th Annual Scotiabank Hot Stove Luncheon

    Tickets are NOW ON-SALE for the 7th Annual Scotiabank Vancouver Canadians Hot Stove Luncheon! Do not miss the chance to support our community while celebrating the game we all love so much on Friday, January 20th at the Hotel Vancouver from 12-2pm. MORE »
  • Brothers In Arms

    Canadians fans have been witness to a pair of brothers who have both suited up for Vancouver. C's broadcaster Rob Fai looks back at their efforts and wonders if having a sibling with previous experience here at home can help gain an advantage. MORE »
  • The Night The C's Faced Corey Kluber

    Cleveland Indians pitcher Corey Kluber is a long way from his time in the pinstriped uniform of the Eugene Emeralds (2007), but that's what he was wearing when the Canadians came calling out at historic Civic Stadium. MORE »
  • Shuffling The Deck

    It will take just a few hours for the Blue Jays front office to reflect on the season that was, then, a deep breath and on toward the upcoming season. Rest for these guys? No chance -- and for a handful of former Canadians, the time to make an impression is now. MORE »
  • Despite Loss, Blue Jays Should Be Proud

    Despite falling to Cleveland in the American League Championship Series, Toronto Blue Jays fans from coast-to-coast-to-coast should be proud of the Boys in Blue. MORE »