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What do you get when a lobster takes on a crab in Minor League Baseball? Any guesses? No? You get a Seafood Showdown! Friday, July 19th the New England Lobster Rolls will be taking on the Aberdeen Steamed Crabs presented by APGFCU at Leidos Field at Ripken Stadium. Minor League Baseball has seen fun, foody rebrands become vastly popular among many minor league markets over the last few years.  

The Aberdeen IronBirds were one of the few early adopters to what's now common practice throughout Minor League Baseball. The Aberdeen Steamed Crabs were first introduced by the IronBirds back in 2017. Merchandise was sold throughout the country and made it as far as China. For the last two seasons, the Aberdeen Steamed Crabs have drawn a complete sellout and will look to accomplish the feat this Friday. This season, the Steamed Crabs will take the field with a fresh crustaceous look with brand-new uniforms, hats, and even Kalvin the Krab as molted his shell for his transformation in 2019. 

Except for this year the alter-ego of the Connecticut Tigers, the New England Lobster Rolls, will be crawling down to the ballpark for the final game of a 3-game series on Friday, July 19th. IronBirds GM Matt Slatus and Tigers GM Dave Schermerhorn have a lot on the line for that night. If the Steamed Crabs win, Dave will need to drive down a dozen of New England's famous lobster rolls. If the Lobster Rolls win, Matt will need to drive up a dozen of Maryland's famous crab cakes to Connecticut. It'll be a night you do NOT want to miss at the ballpark as the sky will light up with Harford County's #1 fireworks display after the game! 

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Kalvin the Krab is back with new krabittude!


What exactly happened to Kalvin?!

As soon as baseball season comes to an end, Kalvin the Krab crawls back into the pot he calls home. The location of Kalvin's pot is top secret. Only a select few here at Leidos Field at Ripken Stadium know the exact location of his humble abode. 

Ferrous was preparing dinner one cold, Maryland night and accidentally grabbed the wrong pot! Suddenly, as Ferrous begins cooking, Kalvin FLYS out of the pot like a mad krab! 

However, Ferrous notices Kalvin doesn't look like the crustaceous companion from last season. Over the course of the off-season, Kalvin molted his shell and is back with new krabittude on Friday, July 19th at 7:05 PM against the Connecticut Tigers!

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Engage with Kalvin The Krab on social!