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Appalachian League
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Contact the Appy League

Email: [email protected]
Office: 1340 Environ Way, Chapel Hill, NC 27517
Phone: (919) 913-4590

President: Dan Moushon
President Emeritus: Lee Landers
League Trustee: Mitch Lukevics (Tampa Bay Rays)
Corporate Secretary: Jeremy Boler (Elizabethton, Greeneville, Johnson City)
League Publicist: Betsy Haugh (Pulaski)
Media Relations Assistant: Joshua Gupton Email: [email protected]
Baseball Chapel Representative: Brandon Bennett (Danville)

Executive Committee
Chris Allen, Greeneville
Larry Broadway, Pittsburgh Pirates (Bristol)
Betsy Haugh, Pulaski
Gary LaRocque, St. Louis Cardinals (Johnson City)
Brian Paupeck, Kingsport
Charlie Wilson, Toronto Blue Jays (Bluefield)

Charlie Wilson, Toronto Blue Jays (Bluefield)
Larry Broadway, Pittsburgh Pirates (Bristol)
Alec Zumwalt, Kansas City Royals (Burlington)
Ron Knight, Atlanta Braves (Danville)
Alex Hassan, Minnesota Twins (Elizabethton)
Eric Lee, Cincinnati Reds (Greeneville)
Gary LaRocque, St. Louis Cardinals (Johnson City)
Jared Banner, New York Mets (Kingsport)
Jeff McLerran, Tampa Bay Rays (Princeton)
Eric Schmitt, New York Yankees (Pulaski)

Years of operation: 1921-25, '37-55, '57-present
Classification: Rookie
Schedule: 68 games from June-August
Playoffs: Top two teams in each division qualify for a two-round playoff, first round winners meet in a best-of-three series for the league championship. More details

Division Alignment
East - Bluefield, Burlington, Danville, Princeton, Pulaski
West - Bristol, Elizabethton, Greeneville, Johnson City, Kingsport

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