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Stadium Guide & Policies

The following Stadium Policies and Procedures may be updated or altered without written notice due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation.

If you have specific questions about any of the following Stadium Policies, please e-mail the Baysox at [email protected] or call 301-805-6000.

Prohibited Items

The following items are prohibited inside Prince George's Stadium: Aerosol cans, Air Horns, Cameras with lenses that fully extend to larger than 12", Cans, Chairs, Confetti, Drums, Firearms, Flares, Flying Discs, Beach Balls, Food and Drink (exception is one sealed bottle of water in clear plastic bottle per person), Illegal Substances, Laser Pointers, Pressurized Containers (that are not medical used for medical reasons), Pyrotechnics or Incendiary devices of any kind, Seat Cushions with backs, Smoke Bombs, Streamers, Wagons, Weapons of any kind (knives, tasers, etc), Whistles, any item that can be used as a projectile or deemed dangerous.


Bowie Baysox
4101 Crain Highway
Bowie, MD 20716

Phone: 301-805-6000
Fax: 301-464-4911

Alcohol Policy

Any customer wishing to purchase alcohol products MUST be at least 21 years of age. Prince George's Stadium and Unique Food & Beverage (UFB) reserve the right to request the identification of anyone who attempts to purchase alcohol, as well as at any time during the event. The sale of alcohol stops at the end of the seventh inning. By law, all alcohol MUST remain inside the stadium. Prince George's Stadium's servers reserve the right to refuse alcohol service to anyone.

Any patron purchasing alcohol for minors will be prosecuted, as well as those consuming alcohol that are under the legal drinking age. Should you be caught consuming alcohol under the legal drinking age, the alcohol will be confiscated, and further prosecution will be handled by the Park Police Department.

Fans reaching high levels of intoxication, or those acting in a disruptive manner, detrimental to the experience of other fans, will be removed from the stadium. Intervention with unruly, impaired, or intoxicated guests will be handled promptly and safely.

ATM Machine

For your convenience, there is an ATM machine located inside the Team Store located just inside the main stadium gates. The ATM Machine is available when the stadium gates are opened to the public through the end of the event. 


Fans are welcome to seek autographs from players along the First Base (Sections 119-123) and Third Base (Sections 120-124) railings near the field prior to the start of the game. Autograph seekers will be asked to leave the seating area if a fan or fans that have purchased tickets to those areas arrive and wish to take their seats or if the autograph area becomes out of control. Fans are not allowed to come onto the field at anytime to seek autographs or photographs with players from either team. (This autograph policy may be affected due to Covid-19 social distancing requirements, pod seating & Major League Baseball regulations for the 2021 season)

Bags & Coolers

Each fan may carry one (1) clear plastic, vinyl or PVC bag OR a one-gallon Ziploc style bag - plus a small clutch. The larger clear bag must be a standard 12" by 6" by 12" bag, made of clear PVC/Vinyl and is easily searched. The one-gallon Ziploc-style bag is readily available, inexpensive and easily searched. The small clutch allows for privacy for small personal items and is also easily searched.

This proactive measure both will enhance safety inside and outside the stadium, and speed the security screening process for all Baysox fans. The public deserves to be in a safe, secure environment. This is about both safety and improving the overall fan experience.

Binoculars/Cameras/Smart Phones/Tablets: Binoculars or a phone or camera can be carried into the stadium as long as it is not in its own bag. This is not a restriction on items that fans have been able to bring into the stadium, it is only a restriction on the type of container used to carry items.

Coolers: No coolers of any kind will be allowed for any event.

Diaper Bags: Diapers can be carried in a clear bag. Each member of a family, including children, is allowed to carry an approved clear bag and a clutch purse into the stadium.

Seat Cushions: Approved seat cushions may be carried into the stadium. Large traditional seat cushions that have pockets, zippers, compartments, or covers are not permitted. Clear seat cushions and seat pads without pockets, zippers, compartments or covers are permitted.

Are all purses prohibited? No. Unlike some event venues, we are not banning all bags. Small clutch purses, with or without a handle or strap, are permitted along with either the 12" x 6" x 12" clear tote bag or the one-gallon freezer bag. No buckles, grommets/hardware, or decor can be concealing any part of the bag. This should enable you to carry essential items into the ballpark as you have been able to in previous seasons.

If I have certain items that I need to bring into the stadium for medical reasons and they won't fit in the clear bag, what do I do? Exceptions to the above policy can be made for medically necessary items after proper inspection. Individuals will be present at stadium entrances to allow screening of these bags and medically necessary items.

Do I have to put everything I'm carrying into the permissible bags? No. we are limiting only the type of bags carried into the stadium, not the items that have been allowed into the stadium in the past. Therefore, you can carry in your pockets or jacket: keys, makeup, feminine products, phone, wallet, credit cards, etc. if you choose not to put them in a clear bag or clutch. You can carry a blanket over your arms and binoculars/camera around your neck or in your hands without the case. You can use the clear bag and/or clutch to carry other items. You will continue to have the flexibility to bring approved items into the stadium. Every member of your family may carry items in a permissible bag.

What happens if I show up at the gate with a bag that is not permitted? Fans carrying bags that do not meet the criteria listed above, will be turned away from the stadium before they enter the stadium gates to return the unapproved bag back to their vehicle.

All bags are subject to being inspected by security and tagged. The Baysox reserve the right to disallow any container, bag or sack at any time for any stadium event. If a guest refuses an inspection of their bag, they will not be permitted into the stadium.

Baysox Bucks

Baysox Bucks are gift certificates that spend like cash. They are available in $1 and $5 denominations and are redeemable for concessions, at the Team Store, for game tickets and for attractions and games in the Kids Park. They are redeemable at any time during the season as well as in the gift shop during home games. Baysox Bucks can be purchased in person at the stadium box office or by phone by calling 301.464.4865 during normal business hours.  

Bottles & Cans

No glass bottles or cans may be brought into Prince George's Stadium. Insulated foam cups/containers from restaurants, convenience stores or gas stations, etc. are not permitted in Prince George's Stadium at anytime.


Moms needing to breastfeed while at the game can visit the WTOP Fan Assistance Center located behind section 204 on the third base side of the main stadium concourse should they desire a private location in which to breastfeed.


All Bowie Baysox home and road games can be heard live via online stream. For the online stream, CLICK HERE

Cameras & Video Equipment

Guests are welcome to bring cameras and video recorders into the ballpark for personal use. Guests are requested to avoid standing in the aisles while using this equipment. Guests should not obstruct the views of others while taking pictures and should refrain from using tri-pods, monopods and other camera support pods. The Bowie Baysox Baseball Club reserves the right to remove any guests that do not cooperate with this policy. Photographs and video accounts of the games and events that take place inside Prince George's Stadium are copyrighted and subject to the approvals of the Bowie Baysox Baseball Club and Major League Baseball for use other than personal use.

Members of the Media and Media Outlets interested in being credentialed to cover Bowie Baysox home games and stadium events, please contact the Baysox Public Relations Department at 301.464.4851 or e-mail [email protected] at least 72 hours prior to the game/event you wish to cover.


No lawn chairs or any other recreational chairs are allowed in Prince George's Stadium*. Fans will be asked to return chairs back to vehicles. The Bowie Baysox Baseball Club is not responsible for watching chairs or any other items for fans. *Exceptions may be made for medical needs on a case by case basis. 

Children's Tickets

Children ages two and under receive free admission to Prince George's Stadium for Bowie Baysox home games. Children ages two and under do need to have a ticket to enter the ballpark. The free ticket can be obtained in person at the Ticket Office or at the main stadium gates. Children ages two and under are considered "lap chidren". If an actual seat is required for a child, a ticket must be purchased for that child to sit in. 


Starting at the beginning of the 2022 season, concessions at Prince George’s Stadium have transitioned to a cashless experience. To accommodate this change, the Baysox have installed multiple new point-of-sale systems to quickly accept both debit and credit cards, as well as mobile tap-to-pay. Fans without credit/debit cards can purchase "Baysox Bucks" with cash at the Baysox Ticket Office and use the Baysox Bucks at the concession stands (in addition to team shop, kids park) to purchase items and receive change (if necessary) in Baysox Bucks. Baysox Bucks cannot be exchanged for cash back.

The Concession Stands at Prince George's stadium are operated by UFB Food Services. They serve many of your ballpark favorites like hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken tenders, pizza, french fries, pretzels, nachos, sodas, water, beer and more. The Black Angus Grille stand serves platter style fare with pulled pork sandwiches, grilled chicken sandwiches and craft beers. Don't forget to cap off your day with a visit to the Sweet Shop for an ice cream or funnel cake!


Coolers are not permitted inside Prince George's Stadium. Fans will be asked to return coolers of any kind back to their vehicles.

Credit Card Policy

Visa, Master Card and Discover credit cards are accepted as a form of payment at all ticket windows, gift shop and main concession stands.

Diamond View Restaurant

The Diamond View restaurant is located on the suite and club seat level of the stadium. Season Ticket Holders, Box Seat Ticket Holders (100 seating level) and Reserved Seat Ticket Holders (200 seating level) can access the Diamond View Restaurant on a first come, first seated basis on Tuesday & Wednesday games during the 2021 season. The restaurant will open for seating when the main stadium gates open to the public. Reservations are not accepted.

Guests can order food and beverages off of an a-la-carte menu while enjoying the game in the restaurant. There is no smoking in the Diamond View Restaurant and no pets are allowed (except service dogs).

Diaper Changing Stations

Baby changing tables are available in all public and family restrooms at Prince George's Stadium.

Disabled Access

The Bowie Baysox are committed to providing every guest with a comfortable and enjoyable experience at the ballpark. Wheelchair seating is available in our Box (100 level), Reserved (200 level) and General Admission seating areas as well as our Suite level. Handicapped ramps and elevators to provide easy access to all seating levels. All wheel chair seating is based on availability. For questions about handicapped seating areas, please call the Ticket Office at 301.464.4865 during regular business hours.

Donation Requests

All donation requests must be made online by filling out our online donation request form. Fans wishing to request a donation may visit


Outside food and beverages are not allowed into Prince George's Stadium, with the exception of one clear unopened plastic bottle of water per person.


For the convenience of our guests, there is an elevator located on the third base side of the main concourse level inside the stadium. The elevator only allows for access to the second (suite) level. There is also an elevator located inside the Diamond View Restaurant for access from the main level to the lower level of the restaurant. 


Guests can enter Prince George's Stadium via the main gate located at the front of the stadium. Season Ticket Holders can enter the stadium via the Early Gate Entrance located to the left of the Baysox Ticket Office.

Family Restrooms

You can find a family restroom on the lower level of the main concourse inside the Patient First First Aid Center; located on the first base side of the main stadium concourse behind section 203.

Fan Assistance Center

The WTOP Fan Assistance Center can be found on the main concourse level behind section 204. This is where you can find any information about the Bowie Baysox, updated statistics and rosters, upcoming events and lost & found. 

Fan Code of Conduct

Courteous behavior is expected of all fans. Any fan infringing on another fan's enjoyment of the game is subject to ejection from the ballpark. Baysox staff will intervene when necessary to support an environment where fans can enjoy the baseball experience free from the following behaviors: Foul/abusive language, including offensive language concerning another person's race, ethnicity, gender, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation, or national origin, or obscene gestures; intoxication or other signs of impairment related to alcohol consumption; displays of affection not appropriate in a public setting; obscene or indecent clothing; any disruption to the progress of the game by a fan's action or unauthorized persons on the playing field; fans seated in a location other than their ticketed seat. If anyone is interfering in another fan's enjoyment of the game, they are encouraged to contact the nearest usher or visit the Fan Assistance Center.

Fan Mail

Fan mail/Autograph Requests can be sent to the following address: 

Coach or Player's Name
c/o Bowie Baysox Baseball Club
4101 Crain Highway
Bowie, MD 20716

Please enclose a self addressed and postage paid return envelope or package. The team does not guarantee the return of any item sent to a player or coach. Autographing items sent via mail falls on the individual player or coach and are not always returned.

Fireworks Curfew Policy

The Baysox have a self-imposed, good-neighbor Fireworks Curfew Policy. On weeknights (Monday - Thursday), Fireworks will not be shot off after 10:30 pm. On weekends (Friday - Sunday) and holidays, the curfew time is 11:00 pm. In the event of a fireworks show cancellation, the Baysox will issue a FREE General Admission ticket valid for any remaining Home Game (except for July 3 or 4) during the current season to all fans that remain in attendance at the time the curfew takes effect

First Aid Station

The Patient First First Aid Station is located on the first base main concourse level behind section 203. There are trained medical personnel provided by Patient First at all home games to assist fans with any medical procedure or emergency.

Foul Balls

Guests are welcome to keep any foul ball hit into the stands. At no time should a foul ball or home run ball be thrown back on the field. Violators will be subject to ejection and prosecution. Any guest interfering with a ball in play will be subject to ejection from the ballpark. Any guest going onto the playing field will be ejected from the ballpark and will be subject to arrest and prosecution. Guests assume all risks and dangers incidental to the game of baseball, whether occurring prior to, during or subsequent to the actual playing of the game; including without limitation, injury from thrown bats, thrown or batted balls and spectator conduct.

Gates Open

Gates open one hour and five minutes prior to game time. Gate opening time may change for special circumstances or events to be determined by the Bowie Baysox Baseball Club.

11:05 am Game: Gates open at 10:00 am
12:05 pm Game: Gates open at 11:00 am
1:05 pm Game: Gates open at 12:00 pm
6:35 pm Game: Gates open at 5:30 pm
7:05 pm Game: Gates open at 6:00 pm

Group Outings

Groups of 20 or more people receive special discounted ticket rates along with other additional benefits. For additional information regarding discount group tickets. birthday parties, picnics, suites and more, visit

Handicap Accessible Parking

Handicap accessible parking is available in the main stadium parking lot located off route 301 on Ballpark Road. All parking is subject to availability. Parking is Free. 

Handicap Accessible Seating

Handicap accessible seating is available in all seating levels (Box, Reserved and General Admission) at Prince George's Stadium. To purchase handicap accessible seats, please call the Ticket Office directly at 301.464.4865.


Spectators may not interfere with balls in the field of play. Fans must give way to the players when they are pursuing a ball. Anyone in violation of this policy will face ejection from the stadium.

Kids Club

The Futures Club is FREE to join for all kids ages 3-12! The Futures Club features special and exclusive Members Only events throughout the season, Discount Ticket Offers, Off-season Event Opportunities and more! When a Futures Club Member attends their first game each season, they can receive a Members Only FREE Gift by stopping by the WTOP Fan Assistance Center on the main stadium concourse. For more information and to register, CLICK HERE.

Kids Run The Bases

After every Friday and Saturday home game, all kids ages 3-12 are invited to take the field and run the bases like their favorite Baysox players. On Sundays, all fans can come down and run the bases. (The Baysox reserve the right to delay or cancel a post-game base run due to inclement weather, time of game or unforeseen circumstances). Kids Run The Bases may be altered or limited during the 2022 season due to Covid and Major League Baseball regulations.

Lost and Found

You can inquire about lost and found items at the WTOP Fan Assistance Center (located behind section 204) during games or by calling the office Mon - Fri, 9:00-5:00 at (301) 805.6000. You can also e-mail us at [email protected] with a description of the item you lost and your seating location. 

Major League Affiliation

The Bowie Baysox have been the proud Double-A affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles since 1993. 

Military Discount

Active Duty Military, Reserve and National Guard service members with a valid military I.D. can purchase discounted Reserved (200 seating level) and General Admission Tickets for all regular season and playoff home games.

On select Tuesday night "Military Appreciation Day" events, Active Duty Military, Reserve, National Guard and Veterans with a valid veteran service ID card or DD 214 can purchase half-price Box seat tickets at the Box Office on game day. Check out the Baysox promotional schedule for selected event dates each season.

Military discount may not be combined with any other discount or coupon offer.


Parking at Prince George's Stadium for all home games is FREE. There are two parking lots at Prince George's Stadium. The Main Parking Lot is located on Ballpark Drive off of route 301. Following route 301 southbound, take a left at the 2nd set of traffic lights onto Ballpark Drive (between Home Depot and the gas station). Follow Ballpark Drive straight into the main parking lot.

Preferred Parking: You can also select "Preferred Parking" when purchasing tickets online. A Preferred parking pass will allow you to enter a part of the parking lot that is closest to the ballpark. You may enter that lot with a purchased Preferred Parking Pass at anytime during the game, no matter the size of the crowd - a spot is guaranteed to be available for your vehicle. Preferred Parking is just $8.00 per vehicle and passes can be purchased only at the time of purchasing tickets, it cannot be added afterward.

The North Parking Lot is located off of Governor's Bridge Road, one traffic light north of Ballpark Drive. Take a right onto Governor's Bridge Road and travel approximately one-eighth of a mile and the entrance to the gravel covered parking lot will be on your right. _The North Parking Lot is not always open for all home games. _

Handicap accessible parking is available in the main stadium parking lot located off route 301 on Ballpark Road. All parking is subject to availability.


The Baysox produce a free game program for each homestand of the season called BayWatch. Fans can pick up a copy of BayWatch outside the main stadium gates, as you enter the stadium, or at the WTOP Fan Assistance Center on the stadium concourse behind section 204 while supplies last. In 2022, the Baysox will also make a digital version of the BayWatch Game program available for all fans to enjoy.

Updated statistics packets and team rosters are available for free during every home game at the WTOP Fan Assistance Center on the stadium concourse behind section 204.

Rain Policy

In the event a game is postponed due to inclement weather or any other circumstance before it is officially completed (5 innings or 4 1/2 innings if the Baysox are ahead), your ticket may be exchanged for one of equal value to any remaining current season regular season home game - NOT INCLUDING games scheduled for July 3 or 4. In the event of a rainout/postponement, your dated ticket or your ticket stub will serve as your rain check. Please present your ticket stub at the Baysox Ticket Office on or before the game for which you would like to exchange it.

Fans holding tickets for Catered Suite Level seating will receive best available seats in our Box (100 Level) Seating sections.

Fans holding tickets for the Bud Light Picnic Pavilion will receive a General Admission Ticket in the event of a rainout/postponement.

Fans using Undated/Flex Pack/Fielder's Choice Tickets, must have ticket stub validated at the Baysox Ticket Office BEFORE leaving the Stadium on the postponed event date.

Rainout policy does not apply to Complimentary tickets.

In the case of a double header, the rainout policy will only be in effect if one game has not been officially completed.


Restrooms are located throughout the entire ballpark. There are men's and women's restrooms in three locations along the main stadium concourse. There are also men's and women's restrooms located on either side of the club level. There is a family restroom located inside the Patient First First Aid Office located on the 3rd base side of the main stadium concourse behind section 203. 


For security purposes, all backpacks, camera bags, purses and bags of any kind are subject to inspection at the stadium gate prior to entry into the stadium. No coolers of any kind will be allowed for any event. The Baysox reserve the right to disallow any container, bag or sack at any time for any stadium event. Fans are permitted to bring still cameras into Prince George's Stadium and use them as much as they'd like as long as it does not interfere with other fan's enjoyment of the game.

Senior Discount

Seniors 60 years of age and older receive discounts on Reserved (200 seating level) and General Admission Tickets . Senior discount may not be combined with any other discount of coupon offer.

The Baysox offer a Seniors Club called the Silver Sox Club! Membership is FREE to join and members can take advantage of special in-season events that feature discount ticket offers, luxury suite events with food and beverages, members only experiences and more! To register for the Silver Sox Club or for more information, CLICK HERE.

Smoking Policy

Prince George's Stadium is a smoke free facility. No smoking or vaping is permitted inside of Prince George's Stadium at any time.


Strollers are permitted in Prince George's Stadium but are not permitted within the seating section. We ask families to park the stroller at the top of the section in an area that will not obstruct the sight or path of other fans.

Team Store

The Tackle Box team store is located inside Prince George's Stadium and is open during all home games and public stadium events beginning when the main stadium gates open to the public. To shop for team items online, CLICK HERE.


You can purchase tickets to Bowie Baysox home games three different ways:

  • Online: Go to and purchase your tickets to your choice of home games. Single game tickets go on sale to the public toward the end of March each season.
  • By Phone: Call the Ticket Office at 301.464.4865 from 10 am - 5 pm (non-game day) or 10 am until three hours prior to game time on game days to order tickets by phone.
  • In Person: Walk up to the Ticket Office beginning at 10:00 am to purchase tickets in person.

Individual Game Tickets: Individual game tickets are date specific and are non-refundable. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Ticket exchanges are possible ONLY if Ticket Assurance has been added at the time tickets are purchased. Assurance can be added to most ticket purchases for an additional $2.00 per ticket. Certain ticket offers and special promotions do not have Assurance as an option and therefore cannot be exchanged. Complimentary and Sponsor tickets can only be used on their designated game date.

Ticket Assurance Program:

Ticket Assurance can be added to certain individual game ticket purchases which allows for the one time date exchange of tickets for ones of equal or lesser value, based on availability at time of exchange, for a remaining current season's regular season home game (excluding July 3 or 4). Your Assurance covers exchanges made in advance as well as after the game has passed. Tickets with Assurance added to them will be designated on the ticket as having Assurance added. Assurance allows you to purchase the best seats in advance with the confidence of knowing that you are covered in the event that your plans change. Assurance coverage is for tickets purchased for the current season for use during the current season only. Assurance tickets may not be moved forward to future seasons.

Season Tickets, Mini-Plans and Fielder's Choice Tickets

As part of your ticket plan, Assurance has been included with your ticket package purchase. Assurance allows for the one time date exchange of tickets for tickets of equal or lesser value, based on availability at time of exchange, for a remaining current season's regular season home game (excluding July 3 or 4). Your Assurance covers exchanges made in advance as well as after the game has passed. Tickets with Assurance added to them will be designated on the ticket as having Assurance added. Assurance coverage is for tickets purchased for the current season for use during the current season only. Assurance tickets may not be moved forward to future seasons.

No exchanged tickets will be accepted in subsequent seasons. No regular season tickets are valid for post-season/playoff games. All exchanges are subject to availability. No refunds will be issued.

Ticket Office Hours

Non-Gameday: Monday - Friday from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Gameday: Monday - Friday from 10:00 am - Top of the 7th inning
Gameday: Saturday & Sunday from 10:00 am - Top of the 7th inning

On gamedays with post-game Fireworks, the Ticket Office will remain open through the end of the fireworks show. 

The Ticket Office stops taking phone calls on game days three hours prior to game time. 

Ticket Scalping & Selling

You may not sell or hand out free tickets anywhere on the Prince George's Stadium property, including the entirety of the parking lot and all sidewalks or walkways. The Bowie Baysox Baseball Club reserves the right to confiscate any tickets that are being scalped, distributed or sold by anyone other than the ticket sellers at the Ticket Office windows.


The Baysox set up tours for youth groups, schools and day care centers on a space available basis. To inquire about setting up a tour for your group, please call the Group Sales Department at 301.464.4880. 


Thank you for your interest in trying out for the Bowie Baysox. The Baysox are the Class AA Affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles and all of our players are drafted, signed, trained, assigned, traded and released by the Baltimore Orioles.

As the Class AA Minor League Affiliate, we do not have any influence or say on who gets assigned to play on our team. The Baltimore Orioles are the ones to make all of the roster moves pertaining to our team and all of the teams within their Minor League Development System.

Since the Baysox are an Affiliated Team, we do not hold tryouts, nor does any other affiliated Minor League team (about 160 Class A - AAA teams).

Some Major League Organizations will host area tryouts around the country. To find out more information about those, contact the Minor League Development department at each Major League organization. A list of Major League organizations is available here. Additional information about opportunities to play professional baseball can be found here.


Umbrellas are allowed, but they cannot be opened in the seating bowl if they obstruct the view of anyone sitting around or behind you.

Will Call

Will Call is located at the Ticket Office located just to the left of the main stadium gate. Will Call opens one hour prior to scheduled first pitch. You must show a valid photo ID when picking up will call tickets.