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Fan Behavior Policy

The Hartford Yard Goats are committed to creating a family-friendly and welcoming environment at the ballpark for all guests. As part of that commitment, we have adopted this written policy addressing fan behavior. The policy includes a Fan Code of Conduct, which is fan-facing and describes how fans are expected to behave. All Yard Goats staff, including game-day staff, must receive a copy of this policy before working any games. In addition, all staff must receive annual training on this policy, the substance of the Fan Code of Conduct, and how to respond to prohibited fan behavior.

Fans will be notified before and during the game through public service announcements (“PSAs”) on the main video board that summarize the Fan Code of Conduct, the penalties for violation, and how to report prohibited behavior.

Any game-day staff member who witnesses or receives a report of prohibited fan behavior by a fan must report the incident to a Club security supervisor. This can be done by contacting your immediate supervisor and/or notifying a nearby security staff member.

Use of derogatory language by a fan toward a player, umpire, Club staff, or their family members must be documented by the Club and reported to the Club’s General Manager and to the Commissioner’s Office via email to [email protected]. Clubs must seek to collect the name and identifying information of the fan and must include in their report a description of how the Club addressed the incident and any planned discipline.

In order to provide a welcoming experience for all, the Hartford Yard Goats have implemented a Fan Code of Conduct. Out of respect for fellow guests, players, coaches, and ballpark staff, all guests are prohibited from:
· Trespassing on the playing field at any time;
· Interfering with baseballs that are in play;
· Throwing or tossing objects;
· Using foul, obscene or derogatory language (see below) or gestures;
· Misusing or overconsuming alcohol, including, underage consumption;
· Behaving in a manner that is disruptive, unruly, or abusive;
· Wearing clothes that are obscene or indecent;
· Accessing areas of the ballpark without a proper ticket, pass, or credential;
· Misusing tickets, passes, or credentials in any way; or
· Bringing prohibited items into the ballpark.
Derogatory language is defined as offensive language concerning a person’s race, ethnicity, gender, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation, or national origin, and anyone using such language is subject to automatic ejection from the ballpark.


Containers larger than 16 x 16 x 8 inches
Beach balls and other inflatables
Glass bottles
Firearms or other weapons (e.g., knives)
Laser devices and pointers
Skateboards and rollerblades
Toy guns and knives (including water guns)
Sticks and Clubs
Unmanned aerial vehicles
Any outside food or beverage (including peanuts, Cracker Jack, or any product which contains peanut or tree nut ingredients), outside beverages, bottles, cans, coolers, containers, backpacks, large bags, and packages.

Violations of the Fan Code of Conduct will not be tolerated and may lead to ejection from the ballpark, a ban on attending future games, or other consequences. Guests who are found to have used derogatory language will be ejected from the ballpark.

Our Policy
Dunkin' Park Policies To help ensure everyone's enjoyment and safety at Dunkin' Park, the following items are not permitted inside the ballpark: any outside food or beverage (including peanuts, Cracker Jack, or any product which contains peanut or tree nut ingredients), outside beverages, bottles, cans, coolers, containers, backpacks, large bags, and packages. Small bags, purses, and diaper bags will be inspected prior to entry. No weapons or firearms of any type are permitted inside Dunkin' Park. Please be aware that bats, balls, bat fragments, and other baseball related objects may travel into the stands posing risk of injury. Remain alert at all times. To ensure a comfortable environment for all fans, inappropriate language or behavior will not be tolerated, and may result in immediate ejection and/or permanent expulsion from the ballpark. Dunkin' Park is a smoke-free facility. Cigarettes, pipes, cigars, electronic and smokeless cigarettes, and any device that mimics the act of smoking are prohibited. Thank you for your assistance Hartford Yard Goats, Eastern League and Minor League Baseball