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We chose to partner with Ticketmaster with three main goals: Get more people in our community to Storm games via their advanced marketing programs, offer Storm fans a more user-friendly ticketing experience that utilizes a platform that millions of them already use, and operate more synonymously with our Big League Club. Please use this page as a guide to through our new Storm Ticketmaster Account and for the "How To" of buying your 2024 Storm Tickets

Ticketmaster Step by Step

1. After clicking on the game of your choice on you will see this screen. Select: Accept & Continue.

2. Zoom into any blue section to purchase a ticket and click on as many individual seats as you need.

3. After selecting your tickets, Click Next and you will be taken to the checkout screen where you will be asked to fill out your payment information.

4. Scroll down and decide whether to get ticket insurance or not. Once that is done, Click the “ I have read and agree to the current Terms of Use” and then Click Place Order

5. Once purchased, this screen will appear. You can scroll down and hit Manage My Tickets. Or wait to get a confirmation email from [email protected]

6. To view your ticket Select "View Mobile Ticket". View and Save Tickets. You must show the barcode to the ticket takers on the day of your event. Screenshots are invalid and you can not print out your tickets at home, however, our Box Office can if needed.