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Welcome to Paddle Beach Golf Club

Come hit the links at Ogren Park Allegiance Field

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About Paddle Beach Golf Club

Join us for a round of golf like you've never seen beFORE!

Experience our transformed ballpark that includes:

  • 9 Hole Course - with 9 Concourse hitting bays and 9 on-field pin locations
  • Personal Caddies at each hitting bay
  • Tee times available BOTH day & night (play under the stadium lights, with LED flag poles!)
  • Saturday Night golf includes a live DJ performance to really get the party jumping
  • Post round - enjoy a drink at our "10th hole" party area

How it works:

  • Bring your own clubs - or borrow from a friend
  • Tee times every 7 minutes, with pairings up to 4 golfers

We recommend (clubs you hit roughly 130yds to 60yds):

  • Men: Pitching Wedge and down
  • Women: 8 Iron and down
  • Kids: Parents, we'll lean on you for distance suggestions, here


  • Each pin location will have three circles of various sizes
  • Hit inside the 1st ring - 1pt
  • Hit inside the 2nd ring - 2pt
  • Hit inside the 3rd ring - 3pt
  • Hit it anywhere on the field - 4pt


EMAIL: [email protected]