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"Sand Gnats Statement regarding baseball in Savannah"

May 21, 2015

Today we announced that 2015 will be the last season of professional baseball in Grayson Stadium.  

Savannah is a great city-full of both history and potential. Under the current ownership, attendance at Sand Gnats games has increased dramatically. We thank our fans for that support.  

While we have always believed that Savannah would be a great home for professional baseball, the challenges and expenses of operating a facility as dated as Grayson Stadium have proven to be insurmountable. We offered to co-invest with the City, as we have done in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and now in Columbia, South Carolina, to insure the long-term success of baseball in Savannah and to allow us to bring concerts and other civic and community events to this City. Unfortunately, we were not successful on that front.  

We look forward to celebrating the remainder of the 2015 season with fans of the Sand Gnats and Grayson Stadium and are committed to making the swan song of professional baseball in Savannah something special. 

We have offered to work with the City to assure that Grayson is best used and maintained and that there will still be baseball in some form in Savannah beyond 2015. We continue to believe that Grayson can continue to have a useful life as a high school and college venue. We have also offered to explore with the City the possibility of bringing an amateur team to play at Grayson during the summer months.