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Bisons to accept Canadian cash 'at par' for tickets, concession through game on May 8

15% exchange rate discount for seasons tickets & ticket packs
March 9, 2016

Continuing their commitment to providing the absolute best family and sports entertainment value, the Buffalo Bisons today announced that Canadian Cash will be accepted 'at par' at the Coca-Cola Field Box Office, for ballpark concession and at Pettibones Grille from Opening Day (Thursday, April 14) through the team's home game on Sunday, May 8.

From Saturday, March 19 (when all 2016 single-game tickets go on sale) through the team's game on Sunday, May 8, Canadian residents can purchase single-game tickets 'at par' when using Canadian cash at the Coca-Cola Field Box Office. This includes the first 14 home games of the Bisons season, but also includes the purchase of single-game tickets for future 2016 games (excluding blackout dates of July 3 and July 23), as long as they are purchased at the Coca-Cola Field Box office prior to May 8. Proof of Canadian residency required.

"One of the many great aspects of our affiliation with the Toronto Blue Jays is the connection we've fostered with the baseball fans of Southern Ontario. We're extremely pleased to continue to share the value of Bisons Baseball with fans coming from across the border," said Mike Buczkowski, Vice President/General Manager of the Bisons.

Canadian cash 'at par' for Coca-Cola Field concessions and at Pettibones Grille refers to Canadian residents using denominations of $20 or lower. Any purchases made with Canadian credit cards at the concessions stands or in Pettibones will be subject to the exchange rates of the individuals' credit card providers.

The team has also offered Canadian residents a '15% exchange rate discount' on the purchase of 2016 Bisons Season Tickets as well as Flex Pack and Pick-a-Pack purchases, regardless of payment method (cash vs. credit) throughout the 2016 season. Canadian fans must call (716) 843-HERD or visit the Coca-Cola Field Box Office to take advantage of this offer.

All Canadian Cash 'at par' policies exclude the purchase of the Bisons' Fast Ball Cash Cards.


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