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The Manatees vs Cubs rivalry steps it up a notch.

April 6, 2007
The Manatees issued a challenge to the Cubs this season.

"Beat us in the best of 20 season series and take home more than bragging rights"

The Cubs and Manatees are fierce rivals within the Florida State League. The two team are seperated by only 75 miles, the same distance as the two parent clubs, the Milwaukee Brewers and the Chicago Cubs. The I-95 trophy challenge was the brainchild of the Manatees 2007 intern staff. The group wanted to find a way to promote the rivalry in a fun and exciting way.

"Knowing the level of intensity would just get crazy, we decided to kick it up a notch" said Lauren Farrell, Manatees intern. "We wanted everyone to know that these two teams will have extra incentive to beat each other this year".

The Manatees have a special relationship with the Cubs. Manatees GM Buck Rogers, was the former GM in Daytona before coming to Brevard County.

"We have a great working relationship with the Cubs", said Manatees GM Buck Rogers. "But when the two teams step on the field it is war between the bases for sure".

The Manatees and the Cubs will share the trophy back and forth this season and then the 2007 series winner will take it home for the winter. The Manatees open the 2007 season against the Cubs with two at home and two in Daytona beginning April 5th 2007.