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The Interrogation Room: Reggie Keen

November 23, 2011
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Reggie Keen was picked up by the Milwaukee Brewers as a non-drafted free agent out of Radford in 2010.  He played 111 games for the Timber Rattlers in 2011 and was the team leader in stolen bases (41) and outfield assists (15).  Keen steps into The Interrogation Room to talk about the 2011 season, defense, his offseason jobs, and what he is working on for the 2012 season.

The Interrogation Room: Have all the bumps and bruises and injuries gone away since the end of the season?

Reggie Keen: Most of the scrapes and injuries have healed.  Still feel dull pains here and there in my knees but that's something that comes with being an athlete.

TIR:  What was the toughest thing about the 2011 season?

RK: This being my first full season, having a game everyday, playing through the different weather conditions and being consistent was the toughest for me.

TIR:  What was the best thing about the 2011 season?

RK: Finishing the season on a good note after struggling some offensively and achieving goals that I set for myself at the beginning of the season.

TIR: You had 41 stolen bases during the season.  For the kids reading along, what goes into becoming a good base stealer?

RK:  Base stealing isn't all about being a fast runner, but having and good/quick break, good instincts, and having good reads from the pitcher and/or catcher. Once I tell myself I'm going, I try to get the best break to the base and there's no stopping once I go.

TIR:  On the defensive side of things, you had 15 outfield assists to lead the team and there is also a segment of the Top Ten defensive plays of the season that is labeled Reggie Keen Diving Catches.  What goes into making plays in the outfield?

RK:  I take a lot of pride into playing the outfield and try to get most of my work in during batting practice. I try to go "all out" on a good amount of balls hit during BP (even the ones I know I don't have a chance for) because it tests your range and let's you know if you are able to get to certain balls that will be hit in the game. Most importantly, knowing the batter's strengths and weaknesses and where the ball goes if and when it is hit at me.

TIR:  Who made the best defensive play of the you saw by a teammate last season?  What was it?

RK: I have a tie between Jason Roger's diving catch in foul territory while playing outfield at Quad Cities and Nick Shaw's bare handed play at SS.

TIR: We follow you on twitter -@ReGGieReg21 - and the other day you mentioned dealing with first graders.  Are you teaching back home during the offseason?

RK:  I am substitute teaching during the offseason for K-12 in all subjects. I want to serve as a role model for the youth and I feel as if this is the perfect way in order to do so.

TIR: How do you fit in preparation for the baseball season into the work schedule?

RK: I feel as if my work ethic is one of my better qualities as an athlete and having one is key in today's society. I usually go to the gym 4 days a week after work for strength and conditioning workouts and any off days, I'll try to incorporate skill workouts into my regimen.

TIR:  What else have you been doing since the season ended?

RK:  I also work at Toys R Us just to stay busy and earn some money. Other than working, just spending time with my family and resting as much as possible.

TIR:  What is the part of your game that you are working on the most to get ready for 2012?

RK:  Consistency!!! I feel like I have the skills offensively and defensively to play at any level, I just have to be more consistent and stick to the same offensive approach throughout the season.

TIR:  Since this will be posted right before Thanksgiving, what are your plans for Turkey Day?

RK: I'll be having Thanksgiving lunch in Richmond, VA with my dad's side of the family and Thanksgiving dinner in Cascade, VA (3 hours apart) with my mom's side. Looking forward to spending time with my families!

Thank you, Reggie Keen for joining us in The Interrogation Room.  We wish you, your families, and all of our readers a Happy Thanksgiving!