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Police Discover Thunder's missing quad

February 13, 2012
Lake Elsinore, CA - Lake Elsinore Storm mascot Thunder is happy to have his quad back but it looks like it will need a little bit of help before he can come roaring out for game day festivities.

Last Wednesday, the team filed a police report with the local sheriff's department that the mascot's quad had been stolen.

After Director of Mascot Operations Patrick Gardenier retrieved the quad from the Riverside Sheriff's station on Sunday it was found to be a bit more damaged than expected.

"They painted it all black and walked away with the ignition, the tail light, and the wheels are not aligned properly," said Gardenier. "I hope we can get it fixed in time for the Major League exhibition game."

"I would also like to personally thank the Riverside Sheriff's Department for all of their efforts in finding the quad for Thunder." Said Gardenier.

Earlier today, Thunder posted a thank you on Facebook to all his friends and fans:

"Thank you to everyone that was keeping an eye out for my quad. Plus a huge thank you to the Riverside Sheriff's Department for chasing down the suspect driving the quad on Saturday. It's lacking its lovely green look and it needs some work to get it back to its former glory. I think we can bring my quad back to life with the right kind of help. If you know of someone that's great at fixing quads I would love to have them take a look at mine."

Thunder and baseball will be back in action on April 4 when the Storm host the San Diego Padres and the Kansas City Royals in Lake Elsinore.