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Rockies suspend mascot

July 14, 2007
CASPER, Wyo. -- The Casper Rockies have suspended their mascot, Hobart, for two games following his actions in the Friday, July 13 game against Missoula.

Hobart was ejected from Friday's game after arguing with home plate umpire Kyle Byrne. Byrne had declared a young fan the winner of the third-inning Burger King Race the Mascot Contest. Hobart showed his disgust with the ruling by kicking dirt, throwing baseballs and literally stealing first base.

"Hobart disagreed with the ruling, and that's OK. But his antics after he was declared the loser were completely uncalled for," said Rockies Director of Fun Matt Warneke. "So we are sitting him down for two games to let him think about his behavior."