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Digital Tickets

  • To reduce physical contact, all tickets to Spokane Indians Baseball games will be delivered as digital tickets for the 2022 season. Digital tickets can be presented on a mobile device or printed at home to be efficiently scanned at the front gates. All ticket sales will be available online. The Indians box office will be available for special case needs on game days.

Bags & Outside Food/Beverage

The Spokane Indians bag policy has recently been updated.

Any bags larger than 5" x 8" x 2" are not allowed at Avista Stadium, including:

i. Purses

ii. Backpacks

iii. Drawstring bags

iv. Fanny packs

v. Grocery store bags

vi. Tote bags

The following bags are allowed at Avista Stadium:

i. Clear bags that do not exceed 12” long x 12” high by 6” wide

ii. One-gallon clear plastic freezer bags (ziplock or similar)

iii. Small wallets/clutches that do not exceed 5” x 8” x 2”

iv. Manufactured diaper bags

v. Medical bags

All approved bags, no matter what variety must be checked by Spokane Indians security upon entry. Depending on the contents, clear bags may be a visual check, while all other bags will be searched using a probing tool.

Other approved items to bring into Avista Stadium:

i. Blankets

ii. Seat Cushions

iii. Sealed plastic water bottles.

iv. Binoculars in manufactured cases or clear bags

v. Cameras in manufactured cases or clear bags, if they meet the following guidelines

  • Photos are for personal use only
  • Videotaping game action is prohibited
  • Camera lens should be 6” or less
  • Camera and equipment aren’t obstructing any views, or interrupting other fans’ enjoyment of the game.

Other prohibited items not to bring into Avista Stadium:

i. Outside food and beverage other than sealed plastic water bottles.

ii. Laser pens

iii. Cameras/recorders for video

iv. Firearms, knives, or weapons of any kind

v. Baseball bats of any size

vi. Skateboards, hoverboards, or other personal recreational vehicles, with the exception of ADA-required vehicles

vii. Animals, with the exception of service animals to aid guests with disabilities

viii. Air horns or other distracting noisemakers

ix. Any devices that may interfere with and/or distract any sports or event participant, other guest, audio or audo/visual telecast or recording of the game, or any technology-related service provided in the stadium.

x. Visibly obscene, indecent, or inappropriate clothing.

Spokane Indians management reserves the right to change or modify this policy without notice.

Social Distancing & Cleanliness

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers will be available in multiple locations around the ballpark for use by fans & employees.

Concessions & Mobile Ordering

  • Order your ballpark favorites from your seat! The Spokane Indians have implemented a new mobile ordering feature allowing fans to skip the line and pick up their food at the Main Stand. A limited menu will be offered to reduce wait times in line and allow for efficient ordering through the new mobile ordering website. More information about mobile ordering is available at