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Spokane Indians Rim of Honor

The Spokane Indians introduced the Rim of Honor in 2007 to give thanks and celebrate individuals who have contributed to the organization through their excellence on and off the field during the team's history. There are four permanent members, which are all former Spokane Indians players or managers. In addition, there are two spots on the Rim of Honor that are awarded annually to individuals who have contributed greatly to the success of the franchise.


Yearly Honorees

2007: Peter O'Malley and Don Schofield

2008: Norm Thue & Normalu Cooper and W.O. Bill Allen

2009: Jim Price and Barbara Klante

2010: The Lawton Family and Paul Merkel

2011: Ron Jackson and Spokane County

2012: Jack Spring and Elten Schiller

2013: Marshall Farnell and Bruce Davis

2014: Ruben Marcilla and Ken Merkel

2015: Jack Billingsley and Bob Richmond

2016: Regina Lillie and Top Flite Quartet

2017: The Spokesman-Review and Tim Hulett

2018: Carlos Beltran and Gus Johnson