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Spokane Indians COVID-19 Readiness Plan & Safety Guide

Spokane Indians Safety Philosophy

● The Spokane Indians are excited to welcome you back to Avista Stadium for another incredible baseball season! Although many changes will take place this season, one thing remains the same - customer service is our top priority and we are still fully committed to guest, player, and employee safety. Working with guidelines provided from the Washington Governor’s Office as well as from Major League Baseball (MLB), we’ve outlined below the proactive steps we are taking to ensure Avista Stadium remains a safe, fun, and friendly community venue. If you have any questions about our plans to reopen Avista Stadium that are not addressed below, please email [email protected]. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Face Coverings & Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

● In accordance with guidance from local and state officials and MLB, Avista Stadium will be a mask friendly venue. Guests will be required to wear a cloth face covering that covers their nose and mouth anytime they are not actively eating or drinking at their assigned seat. Complimentary face coverings will be provided at the front gate and at the Information Booth if requested by a guest.

Guest Experience

General Safety: All guests will be encouraged to stay home when sick or if uncomfortable with posted guidelines. Please contact our Ticket Office at (509) 343-OTTO(6886) prior to your ticketed game if illness arises.

Concourse Flow: Team members will strongly encourage guests to refrain from lingering in the walkway. Team members will recommend guests remain in their seats, when possible. Tunnels will also be marked for ingress and egress.

● Inclement Weather: In the event of inclement weather, guests will be given the option to either exit the stadium or gather under the canopy/inside the tunnels with their face coverings on based on their comfortability level.

Kids Zone & Molina Field: The Kids Zone and Molina Field will offer limited kids activities such as chalk art and hopscotch this season to promote safety. Guests supervising their children will be asked to maintain proper social distancing by sitting in pre-arranged seating locations while their children play.

Restrooms: As in previous seasons, all stadium restrooms will be open to the public. Exterior entry and exit doors will be propped open to facilitate touchless passage. Restrooms will be cleaned and disinfected frequently before, during, and after each event. Spacing markers will be used to promote proper social distancing between guests waiting in line. Additionally, evey other urinal will be closed in the men’s restrooms.

Smoking: Avista Stadium will be a smoke-free venue in 2021 to meet MLB Clubhouse standards. As in previous seasons, guests will be able to leave and re-enter the stadium as long as they receive an exit ticket scan at the gates prior to leaving.

Ballpark Entry & Exit

Bags/Purses: In accordance with guidance from MLB, guests will be permitted to bring only medical bags and manufactured diaper bags that accompany infants and young children into Avista Stadium to minimize surface touch points between gameday employees and guests.

Early Entry: Gates to Avista Stadium will open one-hour prior to game time to allow guests plenty of time to enter the stadium safely. Guests will be encouraged to arrive early to avoid peak entry times.

Permissible Items: As in previous seasons, guests will be permitted to bring a sealed, plastic water bottle into Avista Stadium as all drinking fountains will be closed until a touchless refill option can be installed.

Post-Game Egress Plan: Guests will be encouraged to maintain social distancing upon exiting Avista Stadium by exiting through the gate located closest to their seating location. Four separate gates spaced around the ballpark will be opened near the end of the game to assist with proper spacing.

In-Game Ballpark Sanitation

Hand Sanitizing Stations: Hand sanitizing stations will be strategically placed throughout Avista Stadium including inside the front entry gate, outside each tunnel, and near the restrooms.

● Picnic Tables & Public Eating Spaces: Picnic tables and other public eating areas will not be available for guests under the Washington State Phase 3 guidelines for spectator events.

Surface Transmission: High touch areas will be sanitized by team members frequently.

Pre- & Post-Game Ballpark Sanitation

Daily Cleanings: The Spokane Indians Green Team will conduct daily cleaning and disinfecting of the entire stadium. An emphasis will be placed on high-touch surfaces including hand rails, counters, handles, and faucets.

● Restrooms: Dedicated restroom attendants will conduct frequent cleanings of all stadium restrooms prior to, during, and after each game.

● Stadium Seating: All stadium seats will receive pre- and post-game wipe-downs. Spokane Indians employees will also have access to cleaning supplies during the game if a guest requests an additional wipedown of their area.

Signage & Communication

Public Address Announcements: Frequent public address announcements will be made to inform guests of social distancing guidance, stadium cleanliness measures, and face covering requirements.

Stadium Signage: Instructional signage will be posted throughout the stadium informing guests of social distancing guidance, hand-washing recommendations, and face covering requirements.

Socially Distant Seating

Buffer Zone: A 12-foot buffer will be in place from the front of the home and visiting dugout, and a 15-foot buffer will be in place behind each bullpen, in accordance with MLB guidance.

Limited Capacity: According to the Washington State Phase 3 Guidelines for Spectator Events, Avista Stadium may open to 25% capacity.

Physical Distancing: The Spokane Indians will implement pod seating for each group of tickets. Pods will be seated in groups of 1-8, with guests coming from no more than two different households. Guests from different pods will be seated at least six feet away from each other. Seats not assigned to a designated seating pod will not be available for sale or use.

Employee Safety & Health

General Safety: Spokane Indians employees will be required to complete a pre-screening prior to arrival for every shift. All employees will be required to stay home when sick.

Education & Training: Spokane Indians employees will be continually updated on new COVID-19 safety guidelines and best practices.

Break Area: To promote proper physical distancing, the Spokane Indians employee break area will be moved outdoors. This relocation will include changes to the time clock process and water refills to enhance safety and efficiency.

Face Coverings: Spokane Indians employees will be required to wear a cloth face covering that covers their nose and mouth.

Gloves: As in previous seasons, Spokane Indians employees who handle food will be required to wear food-safe gloves. Employees will be required to wash their hands and re-glove often in accordance with food safety guidelines.

Physical Distancing: Spokane Indians employees will maintain a minimum six-foot separation from one another and guests in all interactions. When strict physical distancing is not feasible for a specific task, other prevention measures will be taken.

Food & Beverage Handling

Catering: Buffets will be suspended for the time being at Avista Stadium. Guests will be able to order concessions items from various points around the ballpark, including their mobile device.

Concessions Stand Sanitation: High touch areas, including the checkout counters and customer facing displays, will be sanitized frequently.

Limited Menu: Guests will be provided with a limited menu at Avista Stadium to reduce wait times in line and promote efficient item pick-up. All menu signage will be posted digitally, through QR codes, or available on the mobile ordering site. In addition, peanuts and sunflower seeds will be unavailable for purchase to promote stadium cleanliness and prevent the spread of airborne droplets.

Mobile Ordering: Guests will be encouraged to order their desired concessions items from their mobile devices while at their seats. Based on seating location, guests will have the option to either have their food delivered directly to their seat or picked up at the Main Stand. A streamlined pick-up area will be designated at the end of the Main Stand concessions area to promote proper social distancing and efficient pick-up.

Single Use Condiments: Guests will be offered single use condiment options and napkins when picking up their food order. All condiment carts will be unavailable at Avista Stadium for the 2021 season.

Social Distancing Measures: Stanchions and spacing markers will be used to promote proper social distancing between guests waiting in line.

Merchandise Best Practices

Maximum Occupancy: In accordance with state guidance, guest occupancy will be limited to 50% of maximum store occupancy at all times. Signage will be posted at entrances and throughout the store informing guests of occupancy limits, social distancing guidance, and face covering requirements. Online ordering and curbside pick-up will continue to be offered.

Social Distancing Measures: Spacing markers will be used in checkout lines to promote proper social distancing between guests waiting in line.

Team Store Sanitation: High touch areas, including the checkout counter, will be sanitized frequently.

Traffic Flow: Traffic flow will be clearly established with one side of the store designated as an entrance and the alternate side designated as an exit. Signage will be clearly displayed to assist guests.

Promotions & On-Field Activities

● Batting Practice: To promote player safety, batting practice will be closed to the public for the 2021 season.

Fan Promotions: Fan promotions will be hosted in the Promo Zones located above Sections A and O this season, instead of on the field in accordance with MLB guidance.

Mascots: To protect our favorite mascot friends, only one mascot will be in the stadium at a time. During their designated inning, the assigned mascot will be available for socially distanced photos and interactions in the Right Field corner of the stadium at the mascot platform.

Player Autographs: To promote guest and player safety, on-field player autographs will be suspended for the 2021 season in accordance with MLB guidance.

Ticket Purchasing & Servicing

Digital Tickets: Guests will be offered digital tickets for the 2021 season including mobile ticket and print-at-home tickets options. As in previous seasons, mobile ticket scanning will remain contactless.

Ticket Back Language: Language developed in conjunction with MLB, including the risks associated with COVID-19 will be visible on all ticket backs and digital tickets.

Turnstiles: The Spokane Indians will open every other turnstile to promote proper social distancing between guests and team members.