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Opportunities Credit Union School Fundraising Program

In 2019, almost $16,000 was raised for schools, after school programs, and school clubs around the state of Vermont through Lake Monsters fundraising!

How it works:

- Pick a game date to celebrate your school and community at Centennial Field

- Decide on your selling period - when you would like to sell your discounted grandstand tickets for $7.00; for every ticket you sell, your school makes $2.50 back!

- We send you fundraising packets to distribute to your students to make selling super easy!

- We can provide you with promotional flyers and posters to market your fundraiser!

- Return all packets to the Lake Monsters by the end of your selling period...from there, the Lake Monsters will process the order, and send tickets to the school/lead contact to be distributed to the buyers

- Each person who bought a ticket will recieve an email leading up to the game with information pertaining to their day at the ballpark

- If you are unable to attend the game, you can call us at least one week before the game and we can transfer your tickets to another game!

- Choose to utilize incentives such as Bluetooth Speaker, Xbox One, or Amazon Gift Cards!

For more information

Please contact Naomi at (802) 655-6611 or [email protected]