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2019 Season Ticket Holders

The Vermont Lake Monsters would like to thank the following individuals, families, and companies for being 2019 Season Ticket Holders

Anne and David Brown

Anthony Rock

Arnie Sherman

Arnold and Brenda Johnston

Avery Lemnah and Melanie Martell

Bob and Polly McEwing

Bob and Laurie L'Ecuyer

Brady O'Brien

Brenda Brooks

Brian and Evan Gorton

Brinton, Megan & Mike Ohler

Bruce and Sharon Bushey

Cher Goodwin

Chris McClelland and Madison Deschamps

Chris Pray and George Reis

Chris, Karen and Bret Stoneman

Cindy Turcot and Jim Feinson

Class Centre Mini-Storage

Creative Labels of Vermont

Curt & Lisa Echo

D.J. Dutton and Madison Dutton

Dan Gillen

Dave Keenan, June Keenan, Lara Keenan, Andrew Rash

Dean and Jeff Kirby

Denise Dukette

Dick Childs

Don MacDonald

Don McDermott

Doris Pecor

Dustin and Karen Keelty


Elvis Demars

Erwim Beam

Ethan Fenn

Fred & Cindy Forehand

Freda and Michael Tutt

Gale Hurd

George & Patti White

George Slusser

Gordie Baird and Rose Dattilio

Hayward Tyler

Herb Button

Howard Center

Hudson Group

J. Matthew and Kelly McDonald

James and Nancy Willett

James Francis

James and Ted Lindsay

Jason Bosley, Jacob Bosley, Ethan Bosley

Jason Nassau

Jeremy Collins

Jerry Switzer & Mary Alice Giannoni

JMM & Associates

John and Mitchi King

John E. Andrews

John Emanuele

John Goodrow

John P. Mailhotte

Joseph Louis Menard

Judy and Paul Mammorella

Judy Perry

Justin and Liam Kelley

Kathy Keenan

Keith Reynolds

Kevin Newman

Kirk Young

Larry & Lois Riegert

Laurie Howard/Pat Raymond

Len Trifaro

Lisa and Hank Hughes

Llyod Goodrow

Ma Pic and Scott

Mark Bombard

Mark Lawliss

Mark Robertson

Mary Ann Scruggs and Anthony Sourdiff

McCormick, Fitzpatrick, Kasper & Burchard, P.C.

Melissa Carter

Merritt & Merritt

Michael Benevento

Michael Hartwell

Monika Busse

Mylan Technologies

North Avenue News

North Star Leasing

Ozzie & Myra Kost

Patricia A. Howes

Patrick Jackson Walsworth

PC Construction

Pediatric Medicine

People's United Bank

R.J. and Bridget Noonan

Ray Walker

Reggie, Marcia and Karen Robair

Rhino Cares

Rich & Ruth Torde

Robert McLellan

Royer Financial Services

Scott and Ella Wells

Second Gen Builders

Skip and Wendy Farrell

Stephanie Cushing

Stephen Totaro

Steve & Cheryl Bushey

Steve & Nancy Ciardelli

Sue Ellen Strang

Tamara Gagne

Tamara Musgrove

Tim and Sue Wear

Tim Keefe

Timothy and Suzanne Hawley

Todd Lawliss

Trefor and Nancy Williams


Vermont Information Processing

Vermont Mutual Insurance Group

Vince and Tracie Carlos