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Parkview Field A-Z Guide


About the Team

Hardball Capital purchased the team in 2006 as the Fort Wayne Wizards. Hardball partnered with the City of Fort Wayne to build a new ballpark, Parkview Field. To learn more about Hardball Capital visit:

In conjunction with the move to Parkview Field, the team was re-branded as the TinCaps, in honor of local legend John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed. Chapman was an early pioneer and naturalist known for traveling the region and planting apple orchards.

The creation of a new identity for the team began with a community-wide "Re-Name the Team" contest that drew over 2,500 suggestions over the course of the two week entry period. The team sought a new identity that had its roots in the Fort Wayne community, would appeal to a wide audience and was unique in the crowded national sports landscape.

About Parkview Field

Naming Sponsor: Parkview Health
Opened: April 16, 2009
Capacity: 8,100+
Video Board: 58' x 26' (w x h)
Concessions: 5 permanent stands, 18 specialty carts
Luxury Suites: 16

Ballpark Dimensions:

  • Left Field: 336' • Wall Height: 12'
  • Left-center: 374' • Wall Height: 15'
  • Center Field: 400' • Wall Height: 10'
  • Right-center: 383' • Wall Height: 10'
  • Right Field: 318' • Wall Height: 15'

Accessibility Services

Parkview Field meets all structural and service requirements as stipulated by the Americans with Disabilities Act. The following Services are available to accommodate the needs of our guests:


There is a drop-off zone located at the employee entrance to the field on Brackenridge Street where guests may be dropped off and picked up.


An elevator is located on the concourse by the employee entrance above Section 104.

Handicapped Parking:

A limited number of on-site handicapped parking spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis in the Diamond Lot. You must have a valid ADA placard visible upon entrance to the lot. If you have any questions about our handicapped parking, please call the TinCaps Main Office at (260) 482-6400.

Wheelchair Seating:

Wheelchair seating and companion seating is offered in specific sections of Parkview Field as follows:

Section 101: 6 wheelchair spaces

Section 102: 4 wheelchair spaces

Section 105: 9 wheelchair spaces

Section 106: 6 wheelchair spaces

Section 107: 4 wheelchair spaces

Section 111: 5 wheelchair spaces

Section 113: 6 wheelchair spaces

Section 117: 2 wheelchair spaces

Section 201: 2 wheelchair spaces

Seat selection is available online at, at our Ticket Offices, or by contacting a Ticket Office Representative with questions at (260) 482-6400 option 1.


The Fort Wayne TinCaps are the High-A affiliate of the San Diego Padres.


No alcoholic beverages may be brought into Parkview Field. Indiana law prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 21. Therefore, guests will be required to show proper identification and proof of age before purchasing or consuming alcoholic beverages at Parkview Field. All sales of alcohol will end at the end of the 7th inning (sales may be cut off earlier at the discretion of TinCaps Management). Only two alcoholic beverages are allowed per person, per purchase. Guests may not take alcoholic beverages out of the ballpark. Alcohol consumption is prohibited in the parking lots. The TinCaps reserve the right to deny beverage service to any customer who appears intoxicated.


Schools and other organizations may request mascot, player or TinCaps Staff appearances. Johnny, the team mascot, is very active in the community year-round. During the baseball season, TinCaps players make community appearances when their schedule permits. If you are looking for a guest speaker at an upcoming meeting or conference TinCaps guest speakers give your group a chance to understand more about the Fort Wayne TinCaps and Minor League Baseball. If you are interested in any of these options visit our Community Appearances page and fill out the Appearance Request Form at least four weeks prior to your event.


Located on the center field concourse.


Guide Dogs and/or Assistance Dogs are welcome into Parkview Field. No other animals are permitted, with the exception of designated “Paws & Claws” dates.


Fans may seek autographs from players and coaches from before game time as well as after the completion of the game. Players are not allowed to sign autographs during the game. Please be courteous and respectful to the players and coaches as well as the fans possessing tickets in surrounding areas. If you are seeking autographs in a seating section other than your own, you may be asked to proceed to your designated seating section.

Fort Wayne TinCaps players will also be available to sign autographs following each Sunday game as a part of the Postgame Autograph Session.

*Please remember that players must focus on their jobs, so please respect their judgment on signing or not signing autographs before and after the game.


There is no longer an ATM in the ballpark as Parkview Field is a cashless facility.


Baby-Changing Area

Baby-Changing stations are located in every women’s restroom at Parkview Field. Please refer to the stadium map for restroom locations. In addition, Parkview field has two family restrooms located on the concourse.

Bad Apple Dancers

The Bad Apple Dancers are a group exclusive to Parkview Field. Making their premiere on April 16, 2009, they continue to wow crowds with their smooth moves and unique choreography set to a mix of old standards and the latest chart-toppers. The Bad Apple Dancers appear between the 6th and 7th inning of every TinCaps game!

Bag Inspection

All bags are subject to search upon entry, and within the ballpark. Prohibited items should be disposed of in trash or recycle containers, or may be returned to one’s vehicle. (see PROHIBITED ITEMS)

Ballpark Gates Open

Parkview Field gates open an hour and a half before game time on nights with fireworks and one hour before game time on nights without fireworks.


Banners and signs are encouraged provided they are baseball-related, in good taste and not of a political or commercial nature. Banners and signs may not exceed three feet in height, obstruct the view of other guests or ballpark signage or be temporarily or permanently affixed to the building structure. The signs must be made of a paper or lightweight cloth-like material. Signs cannot utilize wood, metal or similar types of material for support. Banners may be carried through the stands between innings only. Signage not permitted within Parkview Field will be disposed of by stadium security unless the guest wishes to return it to their vehicle.


Fans may keep any balls hit or thrown into the stands. Batted and thrown balls can be dangerous and will be traveling at a high rate of speed, so stay alert at all times. Fans should not interfere with the game in progress and be respectful of other fans. At no time should a foul ball or home run ball be thrown back on the field. Guests who fail to adhere to these rules will face immediate ejection from the ballpark and will be subject to arrest and prosecution. Should an employee retrieve a foul ball or a home run ball hit into the stands, the ball is given to the nearest fan.

Batting Cages

Are available to be rented. Learn more at

Batting Practice

Batting practice times vary based on home and visiting team schedules. On most days, batting practice will conclude prior to the opening of the Parkview Field gates.

Beverages, Bottles, and Containers

In accordance with Minor League Basebal guidelines, outside food, beverages, and containers are prohibited from Parkview Field. Exceptions will be allowed for infants and those people with special dietary needs. All bags are subject to search.


Parking for bicycles at Parkview Field is available at all gates.

Birthdays Messages

Visit Guest Services on the concourse upon arriving to the field to learn more about having an announcement made over the PA system. The staff member at the Guest Services station will also be able to present you with a certificate and a sticker as our gift to you!

Birthday Packages

Celebrate your birthday at Parkview Field with a TinCaps Birthday Party presented by Meijer. The TinCaps offer three packages to customize your birthday party and make it uniquely yours! Birthday packages are available for fans of all ages. For questions about booking a birthday party or about package details contact the TinCaps at 260-482-6400.

Breast Feeding Location

In the women’s restroom located on the third-base concourse, there is a Nursing Mothers Room.

Broadcasts (Radio & TV)


All TinCaps home games are broadcast live on Comcast Network 81. Coverage begins five minutes prior to first pitch.


Every TinCaps game is broadcast live on 1380 The Fan and 100.9 FM. Broadcasts start approximately 20 minutes before first pitch with the Hupe Insurance Services Pregame Show.

TinCaps radio broadcasts are also available online through


Cameras/Video Equipment

Fans are welcome to bring still and handheld video cameras into Parkview Field as long as the equipment does not interfere with other fans’ enjoyment of the game. Any rebroadcast of the game or the event without the express written consent of the Fort Wayne TinCaps, its affiliates and Minor League Baseball is prohibited.*

*The camera and video equipment policy is subject to change at any time without notice.


All food provided at Parkview Field is prepared by TinCaps culinary staff. For all group needs, please contact the TinCaps at (260) 482-6400. For all non-baseball-related catering needs, please call Special Events Coordinator Holly Raney at (260) 407-2820.

Children’s Tickets

Children 2 years of age and younger do not need a ticket for entry into Parkview Field; however, they must sit on the lap of an accompanying adult and will not be reserved a seat. Children two years of age or older must have a ticket.

Cell Phones

Guests are politely reminded that cell phones use is permitted at Parkview Field, provided such use does not interfere with others’ enjoyment of the game. Please be courteous and refrain from making loud or lengthy calls.


Parkview field offers a wide variety of food options that caters to many tastes and dietary needs. For our complete menu visit:

Credit Cards

VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted for all ticket, merchandise and concession purchases.


Donation Requests

The TinCaps make donations to many charitable organizations throughout the year. If you would like to request a donation, please complete the form on our website at

For scheduling purposes, please submit at least four weeks prior to the event. Please understand the TinCaps cannot fulfill every request we receive. All requests are subject to availability.


Elevator Access

There are two elevators at Parkview Field. One is located on the concourse behind the TinCaps Guest Services. The other elevator is located below J. Chapman’s Suite Level Lounge presented by French Lick Resort. This elevator is accessible from both the concourse and the Diamond Lot on Brackenridge Avenue.

Emergency Evacuation

In the unlikely event that there should be an immediate need to evacuate Parkview Field, guests will be given instructions via, to the extent available, ushers and TinCaps staff, the public-address system and outfield video board.

Employment Opportunities

The TinCaps hire more than 300 part-time, seasonal workers throughout the baseball season in areas that include, but are not limited to, housekeeping/janitorial services, bat boys age 14-16, food & beverage, video production, and positions in the Ticket Office. Job applications are available by visiting Positions are filled on an as-needed basis.


Fans may leave Parkview Field at any time through any of the exit gates and having their ticket scanned for re-entry on the way out. Fans may reenter the stadium only after a ticket taker has scanned their ticket for re-entry. Reentry for non-baseball events is subject to change.

Extra-Inning Rules

Minor League Baseball announced rule and procedure changes in 2018 aimed at reducing the length of extra innings and mound visits during a game. At all levels, extra innings begin with a runner on second base. The runner at second base will be the player in the batting order previous to the leadoff batter of the inning. For purposes of calculating earned runs under Rule 9.16, the runner who begins an inning on second base pursuant to this rule shall be deemed to be a runner who has reached second base because of a fielding error, but no error shall be charged to the opposing team or to any player.


Family Restrooms

Parkview Field has two family restrooms - one on each side of the ballpark. All family restrooms are equipped with baby-changing stations and are wheelchair accessible.

Fan Mail

Letter to all TinCaps players should be addressed to the individual player. If a response is desired, please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. We cannot guarantee the items will be answered or returned.

Mail your requests to:

(Player’s Name)

c/o Fort Wayne TinCaps

Parkview Field

1301 Ewing Street

Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Field Access

In accordance with the Minor League Baseball rules, only authorized personnel with proper credentials will be permitted on the field before, during, or after a game or event. Any unauthorized person who travels onto the field will be removed from Parkview Field and subject to arrest and prosecution.


To see a full schedule of promotions, including fireworks, visit:

First Aid

Guests requiring immediate medical assistance should report to the Parkview Field first aid location, located on the third base concourse.

First Pitches

First pitches are reserved exclusively for guests who have purchased a birthday package through the TinCaps. For more information see Birthday Packages.


The TinCaps prohibit bringing any outside food, beverages, cans, bottles, thermoses, ice chests or hand containers into Parkview Field. A wide variety of concessions items are available throughout Parkview field. (see Concessions)

Foul Balls and Home Runs

Guest may keep any balls hit or thrown into the stands.

Batted and thrown balls can be dangerous, so stay alert at all times. When attempting to catch a foul or home run ball please do not interfere with the game in progress and be respectful of other guests. At no time should a foul or home run ball be thrown back on the field. Guests who fail to adhere to these rules face immediate ejection from the ballpark and will be subject to arrest and prosecution.

Front Office

The TinCaps front office is located at Parkview Field and is open Monday-Thursday from 9am-5:pm, and until 3:30 on Fridays. You can call the TinCaps at 260-482-6400.


The TinCaps work with Little Leagues and other organizations around the greater Fort Wayne area for fundraisers of all types. There is no up-front cost. Your group pays for the tickets ordered AFTER money is collected from those buying tickets. For more information on TinCaps fundraisers, visit


Gates/Gates Open

Gates open 60 minutes before the scheduled first pitch, and 90 minutes before on Saturday nights with fireworks.


Visit for a full schedule of promotions and giveaways at Parkview Field. All promotions and giveaways are subject to change.

Group Outings/Group Areas

The TinCaps take pride in ensuring that your picnic or group outing is fun and family-friendly, while planning and coordinating is simple and hassle-free. Share the experience of Parkview Field with co-workers, church groups, friends, and family. Pricing varies by group/picnic area and number of tickets purchased. Whether in the Home Run Porch, the 400 Club or another seating area, Parkview Field can accommodate you and your guests. Click here for more details on our group areas and prices.

Guest Services

Guest Services is located on the main concourse, just behind home plate. Guest Service representatives are available to help with a variety of concerns, including lost children, first aid needs, and other general questions or inquiries.



Baseball has a rich history in Fort Wayne. The city hosted the first professional baseball game in history in 1871, welcomed Babe Ruth during a barnstorming tour and rooted for several pro teams through the early part of the 20th centry. But when the Fort Wayne Chiefs left the Three-I League in 1935, it took nearly 60 years for the Summit City to regain Minor League Baseball. Living by the famous words, “If you build it, they will come,” Fort Wayne leaders enticed professional baseball’s return, then ushered in a new era that continues to play out today at Parkview Field.


Ice Chests & Coolers

Guests are not permitted to bring ice chests or coolers into Parkview Field. Admission with these items are subject to the discretion of security or front office personnel. All prohibited items should be discarded or may be returned to one’s vehicle.


Johnny TinCap (Mascot)

Johnny hails from Fort Wayne and joined the TinCaps in April of 2009 to help jumpstart the move to downtown Parkview Field. Johnny's interests include but aren't limited to: TinCaps baseball, apples, birthday parties, planting apple trees in the grass at Parkview Field, parades and Arbor Day. Johnny's short list of dislikes include loggers, worms and the off-season.

For more information about Johnny TinCap visit


Kids Club

The TinCaps Kids Club is the official Kids Club of the Fort Wayne TinCaps. Members must be age 12 or younger and it is FREE to join. Benefits include: invitations to VIP events open to TinCaps Kids only, exclusive giveaways, drawings and prizes, special money-saving offers from sponsors, and an email newsletter. For more information and to join, visit


Lawn Chairs

Lawn chairs are not permitted at Parkview Field.

Lost & Found

If, during your visit to Parkview Field, you misplace an item or find something that belongs to another guest, please report it immediately to an usher or TinCaps staff member. Fans inquiring about lost items should report to the TinCaps Guest Services.

Lost Parents/Found Children

Every child should be told to contact a Parkview Field representative should he or she become lost. Children that are separated from their family or friends will be escorted by a stadium staff member to the TinCaps Guest Services. If you become separated from your child, please visit the TinCaps Guest Services on the main concourse behind homeplate.

Lost Tickets

In some cases, lost or stolen tickets can be re-printed. For more information, please contact the TinCaps Ticket Office at (260) 482-6400.


Upon arrival to Parkview Field you may bring any luggage, large bags or strollers to the TinCaps Guest Services to check them in. When leaving the ballpark, check in at the TinCaps Guest Services to retrieve your item(s).


Media Relations

Requests for media credentials should be sent to Broadcasting and Media Relations Manager John Nolan at [email protected]. Requests for single-game credentials should be made at least 24 hours in advance. All full-season credential requests must be made prior to the start of the season.

Midwest League

The TinCaps, and previously the Fort Wayne Wizards, have been a member of the Midwest League since 1993. The Midwest League is a High-A league with 12 members spanning as far east as Eastlake, Ohio, as far south as Dayton, Ohio, as far west as Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and as far north as Appleton, Wisconsin. The league’s schedule consists of 132 games, beginning in April and concluding in September, and the season is divided into two halves of 66 games each.


National Anthem

National Anthem auditions are held each year before the start of the season. Anyone interested in performing the national anthem should check the website for more information regarding tryouts.


Stay up to date with the latest TinCaps news by signing up for the TinCaps Newsletter here.

Nursing Mothers Room

In the women’s restroom located on the third-base concourse, there is a Nursing Mothers Room.


Official Game

A game is considered official after 4 ½ innings have been completed if the TinCaps are in the lead, 5 innings if the TinCaps are trailing at the time of the delay.

On-Field Contests

Due to the high volume of requests and the number of guests who come to Parkview Field, all selections for on-field contests and promotions are made at random. There are no advance sign-ups.

Orchard Team Store

All official Fort Wayne TinCaps merchandise is sold at The Orchard team store, located on the concourse behind home plate. The Orchard is open year-round, with regular business hours of 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Additionally, the store is open during all TinCaps home games. The TinCaps also operate two satellite merchandise carts on the concourse during home games.



All players that play for the TinCaps and their opponents are signed and paid by their team’s respective Major League Baseball affiliate.

Playing Field – No Trespassing

Guests at Parkview Field are reminded that attempting to enter or access the playing field without the proper credential will be considered trespassing and is grounds for immediate ejection and arrest.

Prohibited Items

Diaper bags, backpacks, small bags and purses WILL BE permitted into the ballpark, but are subject to inspection. Umbrellas are also permitted so long as they are less than three feet in diameter and do not obstruct the view of other guests. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the ballpark. Coolers, lawn chairs, sticks, offensive, political or other non-event related banners or signs, laser pointers, pressurized air horns, cans, glass bottles, projectiles that can cause injury or disruption of the game or event, beach balls or other inflatable objects, fireworks, firearms or other weapons, Frisbees, knives or squirt guns are prohibited from entering the stadium.

Promotions/Promotional Items

Visit for a full schedule of promotions and giveaways at Parkview Field. All promotions and giveaways are subject to change.


Every ticketed guest who enters Parkview Field will receive one free copy of the TinCaps GameDay publication which features player information and stats, news articles about the team, and information about Parkview Field.


Rain Check/Rainout Policy

In the event that a regulation game is not officially played, fans with tickets to the rained out game will be able to exchange their ticket stub for any remaining 2018 Regular Season Game. If you wish to exchange a ticket from a rained out game this season please bring the ticket stub to the Parkview Field Ticket Office for an equal or lesser value ticket, with the ability to upgrade, Based Upon Availability. No full or partial cash refunds will be given. Redeem your tickets early.

Rain Delays

According to the rules of Minor League Baseball; the home team is the sole judge as to conditions of the playing field, prior to the start of the game. The umpire-in-chief shall be the sole judge as to whether and when play shall be suspended during a game because of unsuitable weather conditions or the unfit condition of the playing field; as to whether and when play shall be resumed after such suspension; and as to whether and when a game shall be terminated after such suspension. The umpire-in-chief shall not call the game until at least 30 minutes after he has suspended play, and may continue the suspension as long as he believes there is a chance to resume play. The umpire-in-chief shall at all times try to complete a game. The umpire-in-chief’s authority to resume play following one or more suspensions of as much as 30 minutes each shall be absolute, and the umpire-in-chief shall terminate a game only when there appears to be no reasonable possibility of completing the ballgame. If a game is postponed or not played because of inclement weather or other reason, ticket stubs from the rained out game may be exchanged for any of the TinCaps remaining Regular Season Game (subject to availability) in person at the Parkview Field Ticket Office.

Refunds/Exchanges (Tickets)

Once a ticket has been purchased there are no refunds.


Fans may leave Parkview Field at any time through any of the exit gates and having their ticket scanned for re-entry on the way out. Fans may reenter the stadium only after a ticket taker has scanned their ticket for re-entry. Reentry for non-baseball events is subject to change.


Safety Warning

During all batting practices, fielding practices, warm-ups and the course of the game experience, hard hit baseballs and bats and fragments may be thrown or hit into the stands. For everyone’s safety, please stay alert and be aware of your surroundings.

San Diego Padres

The Fort Wayne TinCaps are the High-A affiliate of the San Diego Padres. All players and coaches are assigned to the TinCaps by the Padres as they strive to make the Major Leagues. The path to Petco Park includes the Triple-A El Paso Chihuahuas, the Double-A San Antonio Missions, and the Single-A Lake Elsinore Storm. The Padres also have rookie-level squads in the Arizona Complex League and the Dominican Summer League.


Pocket schedules are available at the ticket office, TinCaps Guest Services, and participating area businesses. Pick one up today!

Season Tickets

The TinCaps offer a full menu of ticket packages, including full season (66 games), half season (33 games), quarter season (17 games) and mini-season packages (12 games). For more information on season tickets and to reserve your seats for next season, visit, or call (260) 480-6400.


Security is stationed throughout Parkview Field. In the event of a security problem, notify a member of our Security Staff, an Usher or report to the TinCaps Guest Services area.


Smoking is not permitted at Parkview Field. There is a designated smoking area located at the North Gate to the ballpark (Centerfield area). Fans are permitted to have their tickets scanned to exit and smoke and return to the ballpark during a game. There is no smoking on the suite level balcony, only at the designated smoking area out of the North Gate.

Speakers Bureau

The Fort Wayne TinCaps Speakers Bureau is a free, community service providing guest or keynote speakers to civic organizations, service clubs and other groups that host regular events throughout Northeast Indiana and Northwest Ohio. TinCaps play-by-play broadcaster John Nolan will deliver an interesting and engaging presentation to the members of your organization. The TinCaps Speakers Bureau is open to any group or organization and offers multiple presentation topics, including:

  • The team’s transition from the Wizards to the TinCaps.
  • The 150-year history of baseball in Fort Wayne
  • The Business of Minor League Baseball

If you are interested in having John speak at your next event or meeting, please fill out this request form by visiting For more information, contact John Nolan at (460) 408-2804.


Strollers are allowed into Parkview Field, but must be able to fit under a seat or be checked into TinCaps Guest Services.



In person: Tickets can be purchased in advance at the TinCaps Ticket Office. It is located at Parkview Field off of Ewing & Brackenridge.

By phone: Tickets can be purchased by calling (260) 482-6400.

Online: Tickets can be purchased online at (Limit 19 per purchase per event.)

Season tickets are currently available for purchase by calling (260) 482-6400.

No refunds will be allowed.


TinCash is an internal currency for guests to use at Parkview Field. TinCash has NO cash value and cannot be redeemed for legal tender. You can purchase TinCash at the TinCaps Ticket Office.


Tours of Parkview Field are available upon request. Please call the TinCaps at (260) 482-6400 or email [email protected] for more information.

Ticket Office Hours

The TinCaps Ticket Office is open Monday-Thursday from 10-5, and on Fridays from 10-1 on non-game days. On game days the Ticket Office will be open from 10 a.m. until the conclusion of the TinCaps game.



Umbrellas are allowed into Parkview Field. For the comfort and clear viewing of all guests, it is requested that those using umbrellas be considerate of those around them.


TinCaps ushers are situated throughout the seating areas to assist you with your seating needs and to make your visit to Parkview Field more enjoyable. If there is anything interrupting your enjoyment, please ask your usher for assistance.


Video Board Messages

Get your birthday, anniversary, special message, or group announcement displayed on the video board (in right field) at a TinCaps game this season by purchasing a birthday package or booking a group with us! For more information about our birthday packages and groups call us at (260) 482-6400.


Water Fountains

Water fountains are located at sections 112 and 101.


For the safety of all fans, weapons of any kind are not permitted in Parkview Field. The only exception to this is law enforcement personnel in the performance of their official duties. Guests wishing to enter the stadium for a game or event consent to a reasonable search for weapons before entering. Failure to comply with the above conditions will be denied admittance or may be ejected. No refunds or exchanges will be allowed in such event.


Visit for game schedules, promotional calendar, scores, highlights, player statistics, and other team and stadium information.

Will Call

Guests may pick up Will Call tickets at the TinCaps Will Call booth, located at the gate off of Ewing and Brackenridge, 30 minutes prior to gates opening at Parkview Field. Prior to that, tickets left at will call can be picked up at the TinCaps Ticket Office.