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National Girls and Women in Sports Day

February 3, 2021

On Feb. 3, the TinCaps celebrated National Girls and Women in Sports Day! Hear from the women on our full-time staff on what they enjoy about working in sports, what inspires them, and their message to girls and other women interested in joining the industry... Brenda Feasby (Community & Fan

On Feb. 3, the TinCaps celebrated National Girls and Women in Sports Day!

Hear from the women on our full-time staff on what they enjoy about working in sports, what inspires them, and their message to girls and other women interested in joining the industry...

Brenda Feasby (Community & Fan Engagement Manager)

I enjoy working in sports because it gives me the opportunity to help people find an escape from everyday life, to make fun memories, and to find joy in the little things! Sports have been a huge part of my whole life ever since I was a kid! I love how it brings people together and builds such strong relationships in such a short period of time. I’m working my dream job and couldn’t be happier!

I encourage others to show up every day with a positive attitude, good work ethic, and the willingness to help others where and when it’s needed! My life motto has always been “I’m Just Happy To Be Here” whether I’m on or off the field. When you embrace everything that comes your way, both the good and the bad, it will always pay off in the end! Go after what you want and you’ll never fall short!

Melissa Harring (Director of Video Production)

I’ve absolutely loved sports my entire life and it’s been important to keep that as a big part of my life. I loved playing any sports growing up, but learned pretty quickly that being an athlete for a career wasn’t in the cards, and that’s okay! While going through school, I kept up with all things sports and also developed my passion for creativity and production. Building off of those things, I knew that I wanted to combine those two passions and work hard to turn it into a career… Video Production in Sports! I was blessed to have an opportunity to join the TinCaps part-time, fell in love with the organization and did what I could to continue being a part of such a great thing for our city. It’s fun to be a fan of a team and even better to play a role in helping it be all it can be!

For any girls/women who also love sports and want to have it be a part of their career, don’t hesitate and go for it! If you’re like me and enjoy playing, watching or talking sports, don’t shy away from that, embrace it. Yes, the sports career industry may still be predominantly male, and while it’s important to recognize that, it’s even more important to know that we belong there just as much as anyone else! If we encourage each other to pursue sports, we’ll contribute to the goal of helping it become the norm to have more women in the industry.

Jenn Sylvester (Ticket Account & Corporate Partnerships Manager)

Sports are powerful in the community. Working for a sports team allows me the opportunity to share my passion for sport and help bring the community together. I’ve developed great relationships with people in NE Indiana and NW Ohio thanks to my role with the team. Work should also be fun and working in sports makes that possible. The cliche, “you’ll never work a day in life, if you love your job” couldn’t be more true.

Sports have always been a passion of mine, especially baseball. I played college softball and all throughout my childhood so working for a sports team helps keep me around the game I love. I always knew I wanted to go into business and being able to combine my passion for sport with the business side of the game was my inspiration to work for a sports team.

Women are breaking barriers for leadership and coaching positions within the professional sport industry. In the last year, we’ve seen the first female GM and female coaches rise to top positions. The sport industry has been male dominated for so long, but that’s starting to change and we are fully capable of taking the sport industry to the next level! I’ve always said if you get more women in leadership positions, good things will happen. Let’s make it happen!

Holly Raney (Special Events Manager)

What I enjoy most here is that each day is different! Plus, we get to interact with many people, organizations and groups. It's fun to know/learn a little piece about a lot of great things happening in Fort Wayne (for each event I gain a little more information about different people, groups and jobs in our area).

I also enjoy making Parkview Field into something "more than baseball." Most all know about the TinCaps and are proud of our team and want to cheer them on. It is also a gorgeous and unique setting in downtown Fort Wayne for millions of other events. I love showing off the ballpark and making memories with this backdrop. Being an event planner, this is a unique and exciting place to work!

Rebekah Carr (VIP Services Manager)

I enjoy working for a sports team because every day is different. I love the busy atmosphere and the team-like mentality when it comes to getting a job done!

After high school I was fortunate to continue my sports career into college running track for Eastern Michigan. When it came to starting my future I thought it would only make sense to further my sports career but this time not as an athlete -- as a professional.

My message to women or other girls working in sports is to always believe in yourself and know your worth.

Morgan Olson (Assistant Director of Marketing & Promotions)

I enjoy working for the TinCaps because the sport world is my passion. From watching the pitch come in over the plate to the atmosphere of the fans cheering and enjoying time with friends and family. We are in the memory making business! My high school athletic director at Northrop inspired me to go into sports. He was someone that supported the athletes not only on the court but in the classroom. He wanted you to be a better person no matter what and was a great addition to your support system and he made me want to be able to be that for someone else.

To other women and girls, I say go for your dreams! It will be hard and it will be a grind but this industry is worth every step of the journey!

Paige Watson (Director of Ticketing)

It's a great feeling to play a role in fans enjoying Parkview Field. It's a fun way to be such a big part of the community. I encourage other women and girls to take advantage of every opportunity you can to gain experience. There are so many different jobs in sports that you can have - don't be afraid to try something new to see if you'd like it!

Emma Reese (Merchandise Manager)

I've loved sports and baseball my whole life. I grew up going to softball games with my dad being a college softball coach. So, I've have been around sports from a young age. Deciding I wanted to work in sports stemmed from my love of the games of baseball and softball. I've enjoyed every moment with the TinCaps organization and what's most enjoyable about working here are the people I get to work with.

_My message to any young woman looking to work in sports would be: Never give up! As cheesy as that may sound, there was a time right before joining the TinCaps organization full-time when I thought I was done in sports. I had started looking for jobs outside of baseball and sports, all because of one negative experience. But during this time everyone with the TinCaps were super supportive, helpful, and encouraging. Also, never be afraid to reach out to other people currently working in sports to ask questions. It's always good to learn from those who have experience. _