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Birthdays at The Ballpark

What better way is there to spend a birthday than taking in a baseball game and also hanging out with your favorite friends at The Balllpark at Jackson? You can have your very own birthday party during a Generals with a cake and all!

Open to all ages! The Birthday Package with the Generals includes:

  • Visit from Sarge!
  • Fun Zone Pass for your entire party!
  • A reserved seat!
  • Birthday kid gets a plush Sarge doll and a chance to throw out a first pitch!
  • Pizza, Soda/Water and Cake for everyone!

Just $175 for up to 10 people
Additional people $15 per person

For more information about celebrating your next birthday with the Generals, please contact Vincent Zielen in the Generals front office at 731.988.5299 or by e-mail: [email protected]