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Previous to the pandemic, the Modesto Nuts have executed the “Hometown Heroes” promotion annually in August. Recognizing a local community member for the outstanding work they do for their neighbors.

The Modesto Nuts are proud to partner with Crystal Creamery and Sutter Health to recognize local Frontline workers as part of the 2020 “Hometown Heroes” promotion. During this pandemic, countless local heroes have risked their own well-being for the betterment of their community. These heroes will be recognized with a weekly campaign on social media highlighting all their extraordinary accomplishments.

In addition to the recognition that these heroes will receive on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter the Modesto Nuts will be inviting all of them back to see a ballgame (as soon as circumstances allow). Each hero will receive 4 tickets to a future game and be invited to throw out a ceremonial first pitch prior to game start.


How to Nominate:

For 2020/ 2021, a Hometown Hero will be categorized as medical personnel, grocery store workers, truck drivers, and delivery drivers. The Nuts look forward to learning more about local residents that have stepped up while the world was in crisis.

Our Hometown Heroes:

Dr. Salihi is a physician at Sutter's Gould Medical Group practicing in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine.While providing care at Memorial Medical Center, he has served on the frontlines with his fellow ICU physicians, nurses and respiratory therapists treating patients with COVID-19. During this difficult time, Dr. Salihi is grateful to work and serve in the community he also calls home.

Joseph Silmaro, RN works the night shift on the Renal Telemetry unit at Memorial Medical Center. Volunteering after his shift, in tough times amid physical distancing and universal masking Joseph found another way to bring comfort and lift up staff and visitors alike with the healing gift of music.

Dr. Elias is one of Sutter’s Gould Medical Group physicians practicing in Critical Care Medicine. While providing care at Memorial Medical Center, he serves as the Medical Director of the ICU and has served on the frontlines, leading the ICU team including physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, pharmacists and physical therapists treating patients with COVID-19 as well as other critically ill patients. Dr Elias is grateful to be part of the Modesto community and hopes all sports seasons will reopen asap. Go Nuts!

Hannah Daley is a Radiation Therapist at Sutter’s Memorial Medical Center. Hannah along with her mother in law were instrumental in making supplies for staff. She was part of the care team for the first COVID-19 positive cancer patient treated in MMC’s Radiation Therapy department and the compassionate care she provided made all the difference for her patient.

Jeff is a Med Tech for the United States Air Force. He is a very hard worker and is always there to lend a hand when needed. His humor brings laughter to the staff and to the patients. During the COVID-19 pandemic he has offered to work overtime and comes in on his days off. When he has the opportunity, he stays after his shift to make sure everything is in order. His dedication to his co-workers and patients are seen and should be recognized. He has three beautiful children, is a dedicated father, fiance, and worker.

Sonia is a RN in the ICU at Memorial. Who recently lost a patient to COVID that had touched her heart. When the youngest child was three years old, the family lost their mother

Sonia is a Registered Nurse in the ICU at Memorial. Who recently lost a patient to COVID that had touched her heart. Years ago, when the youngest child was three years old, the family lost their mother.

This year, COVID-19 took away the father. These children's lives forever changed from this nasty virus. Now the oldest is in the military stationed overseas, and plans to take custody of his younger sister (14). Sonia began fundraising efforts just before the man passed away. She raised over $6000 in the first 24hours. She is more than a hero in this time of such horrible loss.

Sonia has always been involved in the community. She has been involved in a women’s shelter in Turlock and numerous other things. She is a wonderful example and a huge inspiration.

Jacqueline was raised in Solano County. She moved to Modesto just a few years ago to work for Memorial Medical Center. In those few short years she has come to love this community and is happy to consider it her home. While working in the ICU she selflessly volunteered to care for the first round of coronavirus patients to arrive at the hospital. She is one of the most caring and loving people in the world.