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Northwest Arkansas Growlin' Chickens

Get Ready for the Growlin' Chickens

For two (2) games during the 2019 season, the Northwest Arkansas Naturals became the Northwest Arkansas Growlin' Chickens.

The transformation took place on Friday, August 9th and Saturday, August 10th when the Northwest Arkansas Growlin' Chickens played the Tulsa Drillers (Double-A Los Angeles Dodgers) at Arvest Ballpark.

It started with a Fireworks Friday presented by Farm Rich with a Rally Towel Giveaway by Tyson Foods, Inc. for the first 1,000 fans in attendance. and continued** on Saturday night where the game featured a one-of-a-kind Growlin' Chickens Bobblehead for the first 1,000 fans in attendance as well as more Rally Towels courtesy of Tyson Foods, Inc.**

Stay tuned for the next appearance by the Growlin' Chickens! #LETSGROWL

The Name

A 'tip of the cap' to Springdale, and Northwest Arkansas', poultry heritage. The poultry industry is very important to our region and the debut of the Growlin' Chickens is a way to show our support and hope our fans enjoy the fun twist we put on the weekend.

The Growl

All chickens can make a growling noise, usually when disturbed or to protect their nest. The Growlin' Chickens will likely let out this warning sound as we defend our home 'nest' at Arvest Ballpark with ferocity. #LETSGROWL  

The Look

The Northwest Arkansas Growlin' Chickens feature a one-of-a-kind look at Arvest Ballpark.

The centerpiece of the Growlin' Chickens uniforms are the two-toned cap that has a gold crown with scarlet visor and buttons with radiant red eyelets featuring the Growlin' Chickens logo. 

The jerseys the Northwest Arkansas Growlin' Chickens wear are red with gold pinstripes and feature the 'Northwest Arkansas Growlin' Chickens' wordmark logo across the chest with the Growlin' Chickens logo following the text. 

Growllin' Chickens merchandise is currently available online and at the Naturals Team Store.

The Food

Introducing... the 'Growlin' Chicken Sandwich'.

Fans got the opportunity to enjoy a delicious new sandwich at Arvest Ballpark on Friday, August 9th and Saturday, August 10th. The 'Growlin' Chicken Sandwich' is a crispy Chicken Breast sandwiched between two slices of Brioche French Toast. This tasty creation is served with maple syrup, which pulls it all together!